Freelance Writer: An Ideal Guide to How to Become a Freelance Writer
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Become a Writer
Ideas : Work At Home Mother's Life
Tiny footsteps pitter-patter over to my bedside. "Ma Ma, 'blanka' . . ." It's 5:15 am, time to get up. I take my daughter's hand and head downstairs to find her favorite blanket and begin the workday. I pour myself a strong cup of coffee and dial in to check email. Thirty-seven new ones. Delete, delete, delete. I dredge through the spam wasteland searching for the important client messages. Brushing my bed-head hair out of my eyes, I write out a to do list; calls to make, projects that are due, etc. A sense of exhilaration runs through me. Today I finish my new ebook. Read More
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