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About Prom Make Up For Girls

Prom make up is an important feature for most girls and even some guys. Looking good is the order of the night. High school is a time of growth and realization for many. It is also a time to make lifelong friends that one will share their most intimate details with.

Prom make up for girls
For a girl' her face is the best highlight of her appearance' and it deserves the best possible make up for the Prom night. Make up is like any other art form that has the potential to turn the average into extraordinary. But it also has the risk that if it is done wrong' it can have the reverse effect on your looks too.

The first rule is that make up must add to your natural looks' and enhance your appearance' and not overshadow them. Therefore' the make up should be subtle' understated' pretty but not loud or gaudy. If you overdo it' your efforts go waste entirely.

The goal of your make up must be to combine your youth with sophistication' and complement your dress and other accessories. Make up must not be conspicuous' lest it should take away the attention from your natural good looks and appearance. It is meant to glamorize your appearance' so it must be done really smartly.

The application of Prom make up should primarily begin with a good quality foundation. Once you have removed any previous make up from your face' and used a cleanser to clear any dirt or grime' you are ready for the application of foundation. Or' you may even like to wear a cleansing mask a whole night before you start your make up application.

Along with the foundation' you may use a concealer to hide any spots or blemishes in your skin. Use the concealer sparingly' and after it has been applied' you may apply translucent powder on your forehead' nose and chin.

Next comes the eyes that may do well with an application of an eye shadow from the lash line to the eyebrow. Long and beautiful eyelashes begin at the roots of the lashes.

Once the eyes make up is done' it is time for apply a powder blush in the right proportion. Powder blush is applied on the cheek apples. Thereafter' in the very end' you need to apply a super glossy lipstick that will complete your make up.


SKIN: Get yourself a proper skin treatment well in advance before your Prom night. If you are getting any treatment for acne' give yourself at least one week before the Prom so that your skin can heal property and regain its natural suppleness. If you skin is looking good' healthy and shining' your make up will give the best results to your face.

FOUNDATION: The art of make up lies in the evenness of the application of various items' particularly the foundation. This is important to ensure that it blends perfectly with your face' and does not seem to look artificial. Any pimples' spots or blemishes can be hidden gently with the right application of foundation and a concealer.

NEW PRODUCTS: Avoid experiment with new products on the Prom night. You never know how your skin might react to a new thing' so better to stick with your tried and tested products only.

EXTRAS: You may add a dash of glitter or sparkle to whatever make up you may use on the Prom night. It will give that extra special illumination to your face' and brighten up your looks.

SUMMARY: Make up has the capability to enhance your looks incredibly' or if done wrongly' it can also become your party spoiler. Balance and evenness of application are the keys to a great Prom make up for girls.

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