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About How to Become Prom King Material

The prom king is usually the most popular boy in high school who gets the votes of his peers. High school is a time of growth and realization for many. It is also a time to make lifelong friends that one will share their most intimate details with.

How to become prom king material
The Prom night is special for everyone' but for a chosen few it becomes a most memorable occasion when they happen to be elected the Prom King or Prom Queen. It is every teen's dream to win these coveted titles' but it is not an easy task to win because the competition is extremely still. There are many deserving candidates and just one of them is going to get chosen.

You need to have something truly extra special in you to be able to become the star of the occasion and win the title of Prom King. To become a truly Prom King material' you ought to develop your overall personality and character in an exemplary manner that makes you stand out in a crowd. The Prom King title usually goes to the best all rounder who is good at practically everything' and is a favorite of everyone.


Do not mistake the Prom King competition to be merely a big' grand popularity contest where the most handsome-looking and best-dressed fellow will get crowned. A Prom King title is much more than mere good looks and smart dressing.


Nice guys do not finish last when it comes to being the real Prom King material. It is not about finding heroism in being a rebel or breaking the rules and discipline. It is not about being rude or dictatorial towards your juniors or the weaker ones at school. It is rather about being humble' responsible and nice to everyone.


• Be a natural leader' participate actively in all school events' be a good team player' give opportunity to others' and seize initiative wherever a situation demands you to act like a leader.

• Be good at studies' and good in sports and other co-curricular activities and events at your school. Be diligent' serious and hard working about your basic learning and training at school.

• Be warm' caring and genuine towards your peers' juniors as well as to everyone in general. Friendliness cannot be faked' and it will be exposed soon. Genuine concern' helpful attitude and warmth are long lasting and will be the ultimate winner.

• Have a positive attitude towards everyone and everything' and you will make far more friends than foes at school. Be good to everyone' and you are going to be universally admired by everyone at school.

• Adopt a balanced approach to life' be a moderate' and you will have a mass appeal in your personality. A moderate attitude has the makings of a real all rounder who is good at everything' and attracts limelight naturally at every occasion of importance.

• Stick to your basic values and discipline' do not break the rules ruthlessly' and have an attitude of competitiveness and a winning orientation.• Acquire good manners' smart speech' elegant sense of dress and style' and win everyone with your compelling charm and your art of public performance.

SUMMARY: It takes a painstaking effort and commitment to get ahead of others in a fiercely competitive school life. Those who develop that winning attitude over the years are the natural frontrunners to be chosen for the Prom King's crown.

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