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About How to Become Prom Queen Material: prom king and queen

Selecting the prom king and queen has been a tradition for many years in high school proms. High school is a time of growth and realization for many. It is also a time to make lifelong friends that one will share their most intimate details with.

How to become prom queen material
The crowning of the Prom Queen and Prom King is the high point of every school Prom. In any case the Prom is a most special night in every teen's life. But if you get the coveted crown of a Prom Queen or King' it is a proud moment of achievement in your life that you will cherish forever.

Every girl dreams of becoming a Prom Queen' but all dreams are not reality. It is good to have a dream and an aspiration' but it is equally important to back up your dream with real life efforts and implementation. Otherwise in the real world' empty dreams count for nothing.

You do not become a Prom Queen material overnight or all of a sudden. There is years of quiet hard work' determination and commitment that go behind such rare achievements. You need to develop and inculcate the following qualities in order to become a truly Prom Queen material :

INTELLIGENCE AND KNOWLEDGE : Take interest in your studies' perform well at your exams' acquire good knowledge' and work hard with a determined focus and commitment.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES : Be ahead in all the extra curricular activities at school' whether it is related to sports' general knowledge' quiz' dance' dramatics' music' arts or any other talents and skills. Be competent in whatever field of activity you pursue.

LEADERSHIP QUALITIES : You should develop basic leadership skills by working together with others in teams' becoming a team builder and motivator' managing tasks efficiently at school' becoming a part of the Prom organizing committee' or the student council and participating in team events and debating or other clubs at school.

BE AN EXTROVERT : You need to have an outgoing personality and an extroverted nature. There should be no hesitation in making new friends' or meeting up with new people' mixing around in a group' and making others also comfortable in any gathering.

BE FRIENDLY : You should be basically friendly by nature so that you can make plenty of friends easily. A friendly person will not get embroiled in unnecessary controversies and fights' and rather will work towards harmonizing any unfriendly situations also. That will increase your popularity in your school among fellow students as well as friends.

ACQUIRE A GREAT SENSE OF DRESS AND STYLE : To become an all-rounder' you not only need the intrinsic human qualities' but also you should be abreast of the latest styles and dressing up. Clothes and your sense of dress are an important part of your personality and reflect your sense of taste and class.

CONDUCT YOURSELF WITH ELEGANCE AND ELAN : Particularly at your Prom party' if you are dressed perfectly' dance exceptionally well' have a date that compliments you greatly' and conduct yourself at the party with a splendid elegance and Úlan' you will get noticed by everyone' and will be universally appreciated and admired.

All these intrinsic and extrinsic good qualities will make you a truly deserving Prom Queen material.

SUMMARY : To become a Prom Queen is the secret dream of every girl. But it takes years of excellent conduct' hard work and efforts on personality development that will make you great Prom Queen material in your school.

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