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About Before You Go to The Prom: Prom activities

There are many prom activities that students and teachers can take part in. Prom is a special event for all involved. High school is a time of growth and realization for many. It is also a time to make lifelong friends that one will share their most intimate details with.

Before you go to the prom
Your school Prom is one of the best nights of your teen life that you have been looking forward to for a long time. So to make sure that your huge anticipation and excitement is actually rewarded in a great manner' it is equally important to take care of what you do before you go to the Prom.

There are no hard and fast rules that everyone must follow. Many people just like to spend time with friends before the Prom' or go out together for a dinner. Everyone can go by their own choices' but a few broad guidelines may still help to provide some ideas on what is the usual trend and what should or should not be done before the Prom.

Some of the basic trends that are followed generally regarding before Prom activities are as follows:

• Usually' most students going to the Prom will prefer to skip their school on the Prom day' particularly those who are going to have their Senior Prom.

• Girls generally like to spend the entire day together at a friend's home. They need plenty of time for things like dressing up' make up' hair styling and other little things that need their attention. It is fun to be together and do it in a group.

• Boys may prefer to hang out together for some time' without much worry about dressing up' and may like to dress at their own home and without much fuss.

• Many people like to take pictures with their parents and family before leaving for the Prom. This has become like a tradition in many homes.• Some prefer to go out with their Prom date for a quiet dinner before the big night begins.

• Those who are in groups may like to take a ride around in their hired limo or party bus before going to the dance.

Some useful things to be considered before going to a Prom are as follows:

• Choose the right company for your Prom. If you are going with a date' you may like to begin your night with some exclusive time with your date in a restaurant for a quiet dinner. Or' if you are going to go in a group' you may like to spend some great time hanging out with friends before the Prom. But it is important to choose your friends wisely and know with whom to go out and whom to avoid.

• Remind yourself of the basic rules and your personal choices regarding alcohol and any activities that may transgress the local laws such as drunken driving. Do not succumb to peer pressure' and be mentally prepared to follow your own mind at the event.

• Stay within your budget. Do not over-spend yourself before the Prom and remind yourself of your budgetary limits so that you don't have to face the difficulties after the fun is over.

SUMMARY: “Before Prom” activities have become an integral part of the school Proms. If you conduct yourself wisely before and during the Prom' you will be able to enjoy your night even beyond your own expectations.

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