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About Organizing a Prom

Read about what a prom is and why it is such a special occasion especially for high school girls. High school is a time of growth and realization for many. It is also a time to make lifelong friends that one will share their most intimate details with.

Organizing a prom
Organizing a school prom is a great opportunity to learn how to plan' manage and execute big responsibilities. The key to efficient organizing is to break the work into parts and divide the duties and responsibilities among various sub-groups. Delegation of power also brings a sense of responsibility' and everyone is happy to discharge his or her respective duties with dedication and diligence.


Usually' it is the school authorities or a joint council of students and administration that will decide how to form a prom planning committee' and who will be chosen as its members. Once the top committee has been formed' it will start its work by creating sub-committees for various tasks as follows:

BUDGET COMMITTEE: This will decide the estimated budget for the prom and allocation of funds for each sub-committee's tasks.

SECURITY COMMITTEE: This sub-group will be given the charge of looking after the basic safety and security of the attendees at the time of the prom activities. It will have to coordinate with the restaurant' hotel or banquet hall staff where the prom is to be held.

CLEAN UP COMMITTEE: This sub-group will have the duty to ensure that the place is kept well during the prom' and clean up nicely after the prom is over.

THEME/COLOR/DECORATIONS/FAVORS COMMITTEE: This group will choose the theme for the prom' and decide appropriate décor and colors matching to the theme. Selection of the theme can be a democratic process and decided by a general vote of students.

ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE: This group will be responsible for arranging the entertainment content for the prom party. It may include hiring a Disc Jockey or a live band' and any other fun activities to make the evening interesting and exciting for all.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE: This is one of the important committees because raising funds to match with the budget is crucial to the success of the program. Various fundraising activities and projects can be undertaken in order to collect sufficient funds for the prom.

There are other important responsibilities as well' such as deciding the menu' taking pictures for the occasion' and advertising and publicizing the event to let everyone know about it.

SCHEDULING OF COMMITTEES: Good organization demands that all the planning must begin well in time. Preferably' the central Prom committee should be formed at least six to nine months before the event. Even the sub-committees must be formed in quick time after the main committee is in place. Basic decisions such as the date' location' budget and theme should be taken at the earliest because the rest of the planning will have to follow on the basis of these decisions. Similarly' fundraising activities have to begin many months in advance as it may take plenty of time and effort to raise the necessary funds to justify your budget.

PROM PLANNING CHECKLIST: It is always wiser to make a detailed checklist for the event well in advance. The list will include every single item and detail that is essential to the Prom. This systematic way of working makes sure that there are no last-minute surprises or some embarrassing mistakes or omissions from your event. Keep checking the list as and when each item gets arranged or organized. That will you will always be aware what all items or jobs are still pending or incomplete.

SUMMARY: Organizing a Prom can be a very challenging and elaborate affair. But there is a great sense of achievement' learning and thrill attached to it at the same time.

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