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Home Based Business Scams  
There are scams allover the world.
Scams have no restrictions.

Internet's Web of Scams

The Internet has made it extremely easy to distribute information to millions of people, including fraudulent business deals and email scams. Fraud and scams are lurking all over the Internet, waiting for innocent victims who will pay or give out their personal details for what they think might be a legitimate business deal. Being aware of what's true and what's not plays a large part in being a responsible citizen of the cyber world.

Home Based Business Scams
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Email Scams Explained

Email Scams Explained

Email scams are illegal and are usually targeted at obtaining someone else's identity to transfer funds and other robberies using another identity or information.

Email scams are usually the same and evolve to suit the times. The concept that scammer use for email scams are the same but is changed to best suit the times as the original scam itself can be outdated.

If you are frequent user of the internet and register yourself for various types of alerts, newsletters and advertisements then chances are that your email address will be used by many email scammers. How they get e-mail address is not really known.

It is best to educate yourself on the types of email scams that are happening currently so that you are less likely to get yourself caught in it. Some of the most popular email scams are explained so that you are aware of these types of email scams.

- Inheritance - You will get an email saying that 'your long lost relative has passed on and has left a sum of US$$$$ in your name as you're the only traceable living relative. In order to claim your money send in your bank details, social security number and contact details immediately'. Readers are usually taken by surprise and may want to respond immediately even if they don't know they are truly related to Mr. R Benson. However in fine print you will notice that a sum of $$$ will have to be sent as legal fee to a law firm. Again a bogus website is created using logos and the name of a reputed law firm is created by the scammer.

- Debt relief - Email are sent out that you can save your businesses and also pay up all your debt filing for bankruptcy. Certain instances are where it is suggested that you mortgage your home or property to pay off your debts. What they don't tell you is when you file for bankruptcy no other bank will lend to your for a number or years. When you mortgage your property you stand to lose it if you cannot pay the monthly commitment. Debt relief email scams offer details of a bogus company that can help you with a debt payment plan, what they rarely specify is the bankruptcy proceedings which is usually stated in fine print.

- Weight loss - We would all like to find out new ways of shedding that extra fat by purchasing some of the best secrets to lose weight. These are usually 'sales talk' and there is absolutely no truth in it. There are no such secrets to losing weight other than the old fashioned way of exercising and eating healthy. So beware of those tempting promotional material and testimonies of people showing their figure before and after using the products.

- Work-at-home- The payments for work at home jobs are very attractive, they go on to explain what you need to do and how you can earn money. These emails specify that there is no money, no risk, no gimmicks and no taxes involved or registration fee involved but the moment that you show that you are interested and click on the link that says 'I would like to work from home now' you are directed to a page where you have to pay and they offer a discount as well. Some work-at-home jobs actually recruit you and send you the start up pack but after you work for them they don't pay you and say that your work was not up to their expectations.

- Advance fee requirement - There are several reasons that scammer find to request for advancement payments. Some of the popular scam emails sent out are for buying real estate, insurance cost to reserve your place and reserve your products. The Nigerian scam is similar to this type of scam. - Wining something from a reputable company - Scammers send out email that you have won something usually from a prestigious companies and that you should send the shipping fee to ship your prize immediately. You send money but don't get your prize.

- Phishing - These types of scam email are typical sent out from banks or other services that you may be using, but the difference is its not from the real sources but a impersonator or a fraud. The details, site and the email is very professionally presented, almost similar to those you get from the bank with the logo. The scam emails carry the subject line "please verify your account details" or "We are updating your records please confirm your password". The account numbers and password that you give in response to these email scams are used to misappropriate funds from your account and other services.

- Over payment on a item for sale - Scammers send out an email saying that they are interested in buying your product and due to administrative reason only round figure amounts can be paid. These scammer requests that your send the balance amount to them. They post the cheque and request you to immediately transfer the funds. Your funds are transferred to the buyer account and once your cheque arrives and it is deposited that you are being told that the account has no funds in it. You not only loose your goods but your money as well.

- Sick or dying child - There are pictures of the cutest babies and it is said that they are suffering from e deadly disease. These medical records and doctors recommendations are all attached as proof. You feel sorry and as a act of kindness and charity send out a large sum of money. These are scams and therefore refrain from sending any money to anyone even a child, because scammers play on a persons mind and their feelings. Some of may fall for these email scams and some of us may not. But here are a few reasons that a person may fall for e-mail scams:-

- Lots of enjoyable features to the product that is being sold or promoted

- There is proof that others were satisfied by the featured testimonials

- The recipient needs to act quickly

- There are negative effects if you don't act quickly.

- The offer is very convincing and great if you have just been feeling down or not yourself

- Play with a persons emotions

- Look very realistic and true

- There is a brief description about scams. One might think if this email talk of scams and ask you to be aware then it can't be a scam in the first place.
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