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Authors and Books

Chris Tatevosian
Samantha Wilde
Beverly Lewis
Dr. Gary Chapman
Interview with Chris Tatevosian
Audio Podcasts
“You have to think harder to think things through but it CAN be done, you can’t just give up & get depressed lay in bed for the rest of your life..”
– Chris Tatevosian
How Chris came to write his book, overcoming the stress & anxiety, depression, and the "poor me" attitude caused by his chronic illness. And how you have to think of the loved ones around you.

“You have to be conscious of what you do & say… it’s difficult enough for your spouse and family members to watch you struggle… there’s nothing they can do about it.. but you can’t just let that misery be taken out on them..” – Chris Tatevosian

“To be honest I think this book applies not only to people with chronic illness but most of us who don’t have a chronic illness.. we act the same way…like spoilt brats we feel the world should do what we want.” – Naren, CEO & President of Bizymoms.com
The fears Chris faced: meeting a woman, never having a purpose again, possibility of having to move into a nursing home. Also, where you can purchase Chris book, and about his talk-show Winning Life through Pain.

“I asked Jane, why would you even consider dating someone with MS? It’s like buying a vase with a hole on the bottom and her response was…” – Chris Tatevosian
Interview with Samantha Wilde
Audio Podcasts
Listen to Interview
Interview with Beverly Lewis
Audio Podcasts
Listen to New York Times bestselling author and America's favorite author of Amish fiction talk about her new series "Seasons of Grace" and
Book 1 "The Secret."
The Secret - Characters & context plus the Amish way of life
Words of Wisdom for WAH women to achieve the goal of published author
What's Beverly Lewis working on next? Find out.
Beverly Lewis children's books: In Jesse's Shoes - Susan Hutson and Beverly Lewis' personal love for a book close to...
Interview with Dr. Gary Chapman
Audio Podcasts
Author of the bestselling book "Five Languages of Love" is
back with a great new book that takes his teachings to another level:
"Love is a Verb."
What is Love is A Verb about and introducing Dr Gary Chapman & Love as a
way of life - Dr Chapman explains
Drinking Milk with a Spoon - focusing on the positive in those we love
and the benefit of initiating love
How to love those who are wounded at the heart
The Heart of Family - "..self-centeredness is the opposite of love.." and love as a lesson in finding reconciliation, Dr Chapman speaks from the heart
Learning to love again: Dr Chapman advices and reflects on how to bring relief and rescue to the ones you love. And what it means to live in the moment.
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The Secret
Words of Wisdom
What is Love is A Verb
The Heart of Family
Learning to Love Again
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