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Finding A Balance  

Two years ago I left a career as Vice President of Sales for an international publishing firm in Manhattan for a slightly less glamorous pursuit--motherhood. From an economic point of view, my decision to give up my career was a difficult one considering that my husband and I had just purchased our first home only months before. However, after many long discussions, we both agreed to tighten our belts because the sacrifice would ultimately be worth it.

After a few months of full-time motherhood had passed, I realized that while I still wanted to be at home, I missed the stimulation of a career not to mention the income. I felt that my life had gone from one extreme (full time career) to another (full time motherhood) and I needed a more equitable balance in my life. I also wasn't completely comfortable with the notion of not contributing to the family funds when I knew that I was a capable and productive individual. I started to do some soul searching and created a mental checklist of what I enjoyed, what my abilities were, and what I was willing to invest both personally and financially in a career. Read More

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