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How to and Why? Why the plan to regenerate our Valleys is 'going wrong'

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How, What and Why : There are serious problems at the heart of the Welsh Government's big project to help the South Wales Valleys, the director of the Bevan Foundation has warned  Victoria Winckler has sounded the alarm bell about the Valleys Taskforce, saying it "means well" but fails to address the real problems facing a region that has struggled for decades to overcome the collapse of heavy industry  She argues the Valleys economy has been "ravaged" and needs to be rebuilt - but she doesn't think the Welsh Government's programme can deliver such a transformation What is the Valleys Taskforce?  The Taskforce is the Welsh Government’s flagship effort to bring “lasting change” to the South Wales Valleys It has three priorities: Ensuring there are “good quality jobs and the skills to do them” Supporting “better public services” Strengthening local communities  It brings together some of the most senior figures in the Welsh Government with people from a business, academic, trade union and public services background   A detailed progress report has just been published but Ms Winckler fears what the Taskforce is proposing is "simply too small to make a difference"  She is concerned that "the number of people who are unemployed in the local authorities that cover the valleys is at best static and at worst going up" and points out that in some areas around "one in four young men is out of work"   This is what Victoria Winckler says is ‘going wrong’ with the taskforce 1