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How to and Why? How to Make JoJo Siwa Unicorn Smoothie Bowls 🦄 & Rainbow-tie Pasta 🌈 | Summer Snackdown Ep. 4 | Nick

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How, What and Why : [music playing]What the heck is this? Hey guys, Alyssa and Xavier here. Are you guys ready for another Summer Snackdown? Today we're showing you guys how to beat the heat with the coolest, sweetest snack ever! I'm so excited! Today we're making a JoJo themed, Unicorn Smoothie Bowl! Bring it on! Make sure you guys stick around for any crazy ingredients later! And Xavier might not exactly be feeling my excitement for the JoJo Bowl, so he's gonna show you guys how to make a BLT Bow Tie Pasta Salad! All this talking's getting my hungry, let's get to it! [music playing] OK, I am super excited to make this JoJo Siwa Unicorn Smoothie Bowl! Here is what you are going to need

How to and Why? How to Make Herbal Tinctures: Percolation Method

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How, What and Why : Hi, this is Thomas Easley, planning director of the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine,and the co-author of the Modern Herbal Dispensatory, and today I'm with Mountain Rose Herbs, and we're going to demo how to do an herbal percolation

How to and Why? How to Make $1 Million in a YEAR from Print on Demand (Examples of Winning Products) w/ Michael Shih

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How, What and Why : Hey, guys.It's me, Sarah, the video editor here at Wholesale Ted, and in today's video we're going to be talking about how to build a million dollar store with print on demand

How to and Why? How To Make Money On Instagram With Zero Followers

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How, What and Why : Do you wish you can make money on Instagram but think that you need alarge account to start rocking in the dough what if I told you that you can make hundreds of dollars every month on Instagram while having absolutely zero followers that's right no followers at all in this video I will explain exactly how you can make money on Instagram regardless of how many followers you may have method number one managing Instagram accounts the first way you can start making money on Instagram with zero followers is to manage another person's account many people don't realize how much time and effort it takes to run a successful Instagram page from posting numerous times a day to participating in engagement groups and even networking and locking down paid promotions this is where you come in once you have integrated yourself into the Instagram community and are trusted by others you can begin to offer Instagram account services your service offerings may include posting for your client soliciting promotion services taking part in engagement groups and much much more so you may be asking himself why don't these people just do all of these things for themselves rather than hiring someone to do it for them great question you see it is not uncommon for massive Instagram accounts to be making hundreds of dollars per shout-out or promotions and having this income allows them to outsource their account management and focus on other accounts or a priority so how much money can you make managing Instagram accounts it is not uncommon for people to charge between 300 and 500 dollars per month to manage one account which from broken down can be sold to the client as being as little as ten dollars a day method number two flipping Instagram accounts the second method of making money on Instagram with zero followers is to flip Instagram accounts effectively in this method you are buying moderate to large size accounts and then reselling them to interested buyers prior to buying an Instagram account to flip you must do your market research visit websites like Fame Qualcomm or other Instagram account marketplaces and assess what the going rates are for 50k 100k or even 500k accounts and create a benchmark price for each of these account sizes then continue to browse for accounts that have similar engagement ie likes and comments per post and try to identify accounts that you can flip for a profit once you have an account to sell you can then post this account on Instagram related Facebook groups telegram marketplaces or even back on p.m

How to and Why? How To Make A Cardboard Crossbow | Popcraft

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How, What and Why : - Question,what would you do if your office was invaded by a hoard of zombies? Answer, cardboard crossbow. Let's learn how to make one. (funky dance music) You're gonna need cardboard, super glue, skewers, tape, scissors, rubber band, box cutter, ruler, and hot glue and a drill