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My Local City : Cities and states mull straw ban

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Discover My Local City : Starbucks' announcement that it will be going strawless soon to help the environment is part of a broader effort from private companies like McDonald’s and Marriott and cities like New York and Seattle to curb the use of plastic straws Dozens of cities have already established bans or restrictions on the use of plastic straws in restaurants, and legislators in at least two states, California and Hawaii, have introduced proposals that would restrict their use The city-level bans have grown in prominence in recent years, as cities including Miami Beach, Malibu and Seattle have taken steps to ban their use More large cities are following suit, with proposals in progress in New York City, San Francisco and Portland In New York, City Council Member Rafael Espinal has introduced the bill, which as currently written, would be an outright ban on single-use plastic straws or beverage stirrers at any food or drink establishment Espinal sees it as a reasonable step that local communities can take to promote sustainable decision making by their populations "It's no secret that plastic is becoming a bigger and bigger problem across the globe Cities should be looking at ways to reduce the use of single-use plastics," Espinal said "I think it's a very easy step that individuals can take to reduce the amount of plastic they're using every day It'll also increase the awareness of the broader problem." The citywide initiatives trace back to a broader focus on the environmental harm of plastics, according to David Wooley, executive director of the Center for Environmental Policy at the University of California-Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy "I think it's part of a bigger trend," Wooley said