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10 FREE Products I Found on Wish.com!

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Whats Trending in My Online World : What's going on guys welcome to dope or nope the show, where we review products?And don't care what anyone thinks about us no that's not true, well maybe it's true for me i'm a Little insecure just a little bit how are you guys, doing it insecure perfect Today, we're looking at ten, wish products that We got for free that is right michael has picked out ten products That we got for free that means if you guys aren't familiar you can go on wish calm and there are literally They're, literally products That are free like thousands of them filled poker outdoor concealed weapon doors knife martial arts practice darth missus Self-defense, why, freeze, oh so these are throwing darts don't you, love, these gloves that they're holding, well you know They're, legit yeah, that's how You know they watch a lot of naruto that's their martial arts proud, and they they call them darts More like it's throwing star i can, take anybody seriously with that haircut He's like, yeah the barbers just like doesn't show