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My Local City : How To Prepare To Buy Your First Real Estate Investment?

Discover My Local City : Alright friends, so, I know you're new to real estate investing and the biggestthing that's on most of your minds is, "How do i best prepare to buy my very first real estate investment property?" Hey friends, Stephen Michael Miller here and you've got questions, we've got answers

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My Local City : Our Issues Milwaukee – July 14, 2018 (Part 2)


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My Local City : Our Issues Milwaukee – July 14, 2018 (Part 2)


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My Local City : Real Estate Investing in India

Discover My Local City : Hey friends, we've got a lot of fans on this channel in India. So today, we wantto talk about if you're in India, how do you start investing in real estate? Hey, friends Stephen Michael Miller here and I wanted to address how do I do real estate in India? I know we've got a lot of fans out there in India and as I'm doing some research here, because I've never actually bought homes in India so as I've been doing some research here, I'm starting to understand I think why we've got a lot of you that are coming on board and learning from Kris and I

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My Local City : Cities and states mull straw ban

Discover My Local City : Starbucks' announcement that it will be going strawless soon to help the environment is part of a broader effort from private companies like McDonald’s and Marriott and cities like New York and Seattle to curb the use of plastic straws Dozens of cities have already established bans or restrictions on the use of plastic straws in restaurants, and legislators in at least two states, California and Hawaii, have introduced proposals that would restrict their use The city-level bans have grown in prominence in recent years, as cities including Miami Beach, Malibu and Seattle have taken steps to ban their use More large cities are following suit, with proposals in progress in New York City, San Francisco and Portland In New York, City Council Member Rafael Espinal has introduced the bill, which as currently written, would be an outright ban on single-use plastic straws or beverage stirrers at any food or drink establishment Espinal sees it as a reasonable step that local communities can take to promote sustainable decision making by their populations "It's no secret that plastic is becoming a bigger and bigger problem across the globe Cities should be looking at ways to reduce the use of single-use plastics," Espinal said "I think it's a very easy step that individuals can take to reduce the amount of plastic they're using every day It'll also increase the awareness of the broader problem." The citywide initiatives trace back to a broader focus on the environmental harm of plastics, according to David Wooley, executive director of the Center for Environmental Policy at the University of California-Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy "I think it's part of a bigger trend," Wooley said

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How to and Why? How To Make Money On Instagram With Zero Followers

How, What and Why : Do you wish you can make money on Instagram but think that you need alarge account to start rocking in the dough what if I told you that you can make hundreds of dollars every month on Instagram while having absolutely zero followers that's right no followers at all in this video I will explain exactly how you can make money on Instagram regardless of how many followers you may have method number one managing Instagram accounts the first way you can start making money on Instagram with zero followers is to manage another person's account many people don't realize how much time and effort it takes to run a successful Instagram page from posting numerous times a day to participating in engagement groups and even networking and locking down paid promotions this is where you come in once you have integrated yourself into the Instagram community and are trusted by others you can begin to offer Instagram account services your service offerings may include posting for your client soliciting promotion services taking part in engagement groups and much much more so you may be asking himself why don't these people just do all of these things for themselves rather than hiring someone to do it for them great question you see it is not uncommon for massive Instagram accounts to be making hundreds of dollars per shout-out or promotions and having this income allows them to outsource their account management and focus on other accounts or a priority so how much money can you make managing Instagram accounts it is not uncommon for people to charge between 300 and 500 dollars per month to manage one account which from broken down can be sold to the client as being as little as ten dollars a day method number two flipping Instagram accounts the second method of making money on Instagram with zero followers is to flip Instagram accounts effectively in this method you are buying moderate to large size accounts and then reselling them to interested buyers prior to buying an Instagram account to flip you must do your market research visit websites like Fame Qualcomm or other Instagram account marketplaces and assess what the going rates are for 50k 100k or even 500k accounts and create a benchmark price for each of these account sizes then continue to browse for accounts that have similar engagement ie likes and comments per post and try to identify accounts that you can flip for a profit once you have an account to sell you can then post this account on Instagram related Facebook groups telegram marketplaces or even back on p.m

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How to and Why? How to Start a Blog | Squarespace + SEO

How, What and Why : Hey everyone (fail lol). Hi everyone! My name is Shaleen and welcome to my youtube channel!I figured I would give a rundown of how I started my own website I know that there are quite a lot of people out there (me included)- I was also trying to look up videos when I originally wanted to start my own website

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How to and Why? What is Flutter ?

How, What and Why : hello everyone this is the first video in the series of video I'll be making ona technology called flutter so what is flutter ,Flutter is an SDK made by google in order to create 2d applications for both iOS and Android using a common single codebase ,Common single codebase is the most important word here it is basically a programming framework built on that programming languageDart

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Advice for Me – GARY VEE'S approach part 2 – advice on how to SELL items on EBAY

Advice For My Online World : hey guys welcome back to TohirT's channel how are you doing I hopeeveryone had a fantastic week as always it is another Saturday another weekend or maybe you're watching this video during the week day and hey I hope you had a great weekend and yeah we're back here and in today's video we're actually gonna do a little bit of an update on one of my prior videos where I initiate this process of saving money towards buying some new camera equipment for this channel by following gary vaynerchuk's advice on how to sell some of the junk out of my house the good news is that I've been selling some stuff the great news is that I actually sold $2,000 worth of different junk out of my house well some of those things were actually pretty good but we can probably count them as junk but anyway all it means is that I'm 40% through towards my main goal of $5,000 which really feels great especially because the camera that I am after cost about as much as I've already sold items for so I'm already on the active hunt for the first piece of the equipment to upgrade this channel and step up the quality of all of my videos going forward what I want to focus on for the rest of the video is really sharing my experience sharing things that I've learned throughout this journey over the last couple of weeks that will hopefully assist you as you are trying to offload some of those things from your closet lesson number one is one man's trash is another man's treasure I want to use the example of the old sony vaio laptop that I bought back in 2010 and you know what I sold it that thing wasn't even working the laptop was dead but I wasn't actually in pretty good condition so I decided to list it maybe someone else will be up there who is looking for parts for their old vaio laptop to help them refurbish their own laptop and you know what yeah I sold it I made 50 bucks on a piece of electronic that I would've otherwise just throw away that was a great feeling and I think you should all think about it as you go through your closet as you go through your garage or any other place where you store all this oldl stuff because some of the items some of the electronics or any other kind of piece of equipment that you think is actually broken down and no one would be interested in can actually be a very sellable item somewhere in eBay I sold it within the week which was 50 bucks plus added to my account lesson number two avoid in the scams one of the very first listings had I've posted on eBay and there was the platform of my choice was actually sold within literally three or four hours and I was so excited I was so pumped because that was one of the high ticket items that was one of the old cameras that I had and I was like yes I scored a couple of hundred bucks on this one but that sale turned out to be a scam so you need to be very careful about those people who are out there who are hunting for others who have high-cost items on sale on a platform like eBay and what they do they actually go and bid for the item and they pretend like they're gonna buy it and then they just wait they just wait for you to ship the item in all the excitement and all the joy that you have after selling several hundred dollars worth of goods without actually checking the payment status first my advice in avoiding these kind of scams as you selling one of your high ticket items make sure even if the sale went through make sure you have the payment cleared first do not even print the shipping label until you actually see the money deposited in your account and hopefully if you're using some legitimate platform like eBay you have the PayPal account associated with that eBay accounts so you get the payments straight into your PayPal so you can actually see the hard money wired to your account and only then go ahead and ship it in my case in the scammer who was after my item went at great lengths trying to prove that they're an actual buyer so not only did they try to communicate with me and ask me about whether I ship the item they also went ahead and requested my personal contact information my cell phone number from eBay and they texted me during my work hours saying hey I'm your buyer from so-and-so lot did you ship my item they are very efficient they know what they're doing beware of the scammers beware of who you selling the item to and do not print the shipping label and do not ship your item until you actually see the payment cleared and by the way when you're checking for the payment status do not use some email coming from eBay or PayPal as a proof because those emails can be faked as well if you want you can actually double-check and see the sender's address just double check if it's coming from at at at whatever the app you're using dot-com but the best approach is still to have a bank account or a PayPal account associated with a merchant that you're using as a platform to sell your item and make sure you actually see the money deposited in your account before doing anything go to the first source go to your PayPal account or go to your bank account do not trust a simple email that can also be faked by the same scammer check and be diligent lesson number three do your research to reiterate I've been using eBay mostly as my main platform to sell all of my different items from the closet they have a price estimator they have this sort of like a gauge as you create the listing that tells you whether your item is fairly listed and you have a high probability of selling it or it's actually should be lower in price my piece of advice is that you use the information that they provide but double-check it don't forget any kind of platform any kind of merchant that you're using to sell your item will charge you a commission so it's in their best interest to make sure you actually sell whatever you're listing but that means that they're gonna try to lowball the price and make sure you price it as competitively as possible to the rest of the marketplace don't always blindly follow that go and do the research Google or check on the same platform say again if it's eBay go look up on the eBay similar kind of items in similar kind of condition and see what kind of price they're selling for and a good indicator for that on eBay are the current bid especially if it's an auction because the current bid will tell you that there is someone out there who is willing to pay that much for your item and if that amount is higher than what eBay is suggesting you to price your item at go ahead with that higher amount because at the end of the day you do want to extract the maximum value from whatever you're selling and you should not always be just following blindly some sort of algorithm that trying to maximize the benefit to the actual merchant and not only you lesson number four damn those fees if you like myself and you are selling those items to achieve a particular goal like in my case I'm trying to buy a piece of equipment I know how much that piece of equipment is priced for so I know how much I need to make you want to make sure as you plan as you list out all the different items as you create some sort of a budget of things and items that you're planning to sell you factor in the fees the fees usually come in two types one of them will be the shipping fee especially if you're selling online in your not doing some sort of like personal delivery or local pickup where someone comes to your house and actually picks up the item you want to make sure you factor in the shipping they a lot of different ways you can estimate the cost yet again eBay already gives you some sort of an estimation on how much it will cost you to ship a particular item but you can also go directly to the website say of USPS that is a local US based mailing service and you could go to them and check out how much it would cost you to ship a particular item of particular weight and particular dimension because you already have the box and everything in-house so you might as well go ahead and measure and do some rough estimation so take into account those fees because depending on where you're shipping this item to it can get very expensive and those shipping fees will eat into your profit the second type of the fee is the actual commission that the platform that you're using will charge you all of the apps and websites including eBay will charge you some sort of commission for your sale because that's their business that's how they make their money and it's only fair that they gonna charge you something to provide you with a platform in the eyeballs of all those buyers so again take into account example of eBay they charge about 10% off of your listed price plus the shipping price so you want to make sure you reflect that in your calculation in your estimation so if you're planning to sell something for hundred dollars and you're planning to charge ten dollars for shipping $110 eleven dollars of that will actually go to eBay to reiterate the commission from the marketplace and the shipping cost both of those items are just the cost of sales cost of doing business for you and is absolutely fine that's how this economy works and we're cool with that and these are the four lessons that I wanted to share with you today I hope they were helpful I hope as you plan to sell some of your own personal items you find this advice useful in at least one of the points of that raised today will help you gain a little bit more profit or just make your experience of selling the items online easier I'm planning to do at least another update like this and I also plan to do a couple of actual examples of things that I'm doing as I'm trying to get the money towards my goal so stay tuned make sure you check out the future videos if you've missed my original video go and check it out and I'll link it some over here and in the description below I hope you guys have a fantastic week if you new to this channel and go ahead and hit the subscribe button and check out the videos in the back log and if you are already a subscriber thank you very much for coming back as always let me know in the comments below what you thought about this video and I will see you all next Saturday 10:00 a.m

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10 FREE Products I Found on!

Whats Trending in My Online World : What's going on guys welcome to dope or nope the show, where we review products?And don't care what anyone thinks about us no that's not true, well maybe it's true for me i'm a Little insecure just a little bit how are you guys, doing it insecure perfect Today, we're looking at ten, wish products that We got for free that is right michael has picked out ten products That we got for free that means if you guys aren't familiar you can go on wish calm and there are literally They're, literally products That are free like thousands of them filled poker outdoor concealed weapon doors knife martial arts practice darth missus Self-defense, why, freeze, oh so these are throwing darts don't you, love, these gloves that they're holding, well you know They're, legit yeah, that's how You know they watch a lot of naruto that's their martial arts proud, and they they call them darts More like it's throwing star i can, take anybody seriously with that haircut He's like, yeah the barbers just like doesn't show

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Top 10 Scary London Urban Legends

Interesting Lists of My Online World : London!London London. London is my lovely former home, I lived there for 8 years before moving over to Toronto and I do miss her! London is one of the oldest cities in the world, so it makes sense that there is a whole bunch of urban legend in the ancient city! Join me, your Most Amazing host, Rebecca Felgate as we talk about what may or may not be haunting ye olde city! Before we trot on into this video, I just want to ask you guys to let me know what city you live in and whether you know of any local legends! Leave your thoughts in the comments box below

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