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What is & is not Communication? | Your Questions Answered

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video First lets try to define communication. There are over a hundred definitions of communication and many scholars don't necessarily agree what is and what is not communication. So the purpose of this video is not to convince you that what communication is what communication isn't. It's more to get you to think to form your own opinion about what is and what is not communication So, first, like I said, there are over a hundred definitions. For this course we will use the definition of "The simultaneous sharing and creating meaning through human symbolic interaction." So, if we break that down a little bit the first word that pops up is simultaneous, meaning communication is really a two-way street that I am sending a message and also receiving a message at the same time. We'll go into that in a little bit more detail in the next video when we talk about the [...]

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Introduction to biology | Your Questions Answered

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video "Bio" means life and "logy" means study. Hence, biology ... is a science that studies life. So what is life? Biologist explain life with its properties. All groups of living organisms share several key characteristics or functions: order, sensitivity or response to stimuli, reproduction, adaptation, growth ... and development, regulation, homeostasis, and energy processing. Let’s explore the terms starting from order and move clockwise. 1. Let’s start with order: Organisms are highly organized structures that consist of one or more cells. Even, simple, single-celled ... organisms such as amoeba and multi-cellular organisms such as earthworm are quite complex. 2. Next what is growth and Development: Organisms grow and develop according to specific instructions coded for by their genes. Such as growth from baby to adulthood. 3. Metabolism. All organisms use a source of energy for their metabolic activities. Some organisms capture energy from the Sun ... and convert it into chemical energy in [...]

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What is a cell | Your Questions Answered

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video The best analogy to understand what is a cell, consider looking at a building. A building is composed of walls. What is the basic building block of that wall? It is a single brick, of course. Like a brick ... wall, your body is composed of basic building blocks, and the building blocks of your body are cells. A cell is the smallest unit of a living thing. A living things, including your, is considered as an organism. Thus, cells are the basic building blocks of all organisms. In multi-cellular organisms, several cells of one particular kind interconnect with each other and perform numerous shared functions to form ... tissues. A cell however has a surface-to-volume ratio and as cells grow they increase in number but have limitation on ... its size. Before discussing the criteria for determining whether a cell is prokaryotic or eukaryotic, let us first examine how biologists study ... [...]

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Teaching Tips K-6 Math : How to Teach Multiplication and Division | Advice and Guidance

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video Why teaching students to move the decimal point is a really bad idea and today we will discuss five different resources that you can use to make the process of multiplying and dividing by powers of 10 really simple and easy to understand for your students. Decimal points don't move, when we multiply a digit in a number by 10 it moves into a new place, we retain the same digit that's the beauty of using 10 of course if you multiply a number like 35 by 10 you end up with 35 tens or you get the 3 and 5 but they are in new places so the 3 tens effectively moves to the 3 hundreds the 5 ones moves in the 5 tens we put a 0 to hold the ones place and there's our answer. That is accurate, that is actually what's happening. When we say move the decimal point [...]

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Dialog in Negotiations | Your Questions Answered

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video We're going to look at a family, right? Family situations, why? Because they're very natural, we're used to them. Let's take a look at this dialogue, maybe you can read along with me from your book. Fred says: we need a plan, we need to plan our summer vacation. So, here we have Fred who looks like a father, and they're going to get ready for their summer vacation. Jane says: I don't want to wait until the last minute like we did last year. So, here we begin with a negotiation context or situation, Fred and Jane, mom and dad, husband and wife. Fred's pointing out; we need to do something and he's giving it a kind of a deadline before, and Jane is saying she wants to plan before a deadline to, so in a way they found something in common. This is actually a very interesting idea, you cannot have [...]

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Bull Put Credit Spread Strategy – How To Make Adjustments | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video I want to talk about how to adjust a put credit spread that you maybe in or as some other people call it, a bullish put credit spread because you're originally directionally bullish on the underlying stock. After selling a put credit spread below the market, let’s say that the underlying stock starts to selloff towards your position. This is the ultimate fear of most traders, is that you enter this strategy, it's a high probability of success and then the stock starts to selloff which is really testing your position because you don't make money as the stock falls. The question becomes, “How should we hedge or adjust this trade going forward?” For simplicity in our example today, let’s just assume that you sold a $1 wide spread for about $.15 or $15 at the 15% probability of being in the money level. This also is about a 15 Delta if your [...]

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Calculating Expected Portfolio Returns | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video I want to talk about and walk through the exact steps on how you can calculate your expected portfolio return or target your portfolio return to some figure that you want to make annually. And then from that figure, we’re going to back in to figuring out what type of trade you need to make to hit that target. It’s going to be a really intense video tutorial. I know that this is going to be a lot of math and numbers and things like that, but I’m going to challenge you guys on doing this because this is how you create a long-term sustainable business, is by knowing not only where you want to go, what your target is, but also how to get there, what types of trades you need to make to get there. Of course, we know options trading involves the use of very highly leveraged products and therefore, [...]

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Top 3 Technical Analysis Indicators | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video I want to do is help you guys figure out where a stock may or may not go in the future. And I think as we start to talk a little bit more about technical analysis, it's important to realize that it's not the end-all(?) tool. And even in my own progression of trading, I used to use technical analysis a lot more than I do now. But it still serves a really good purpose because you can get some insight into where a stock again, may or may not go in the future, and I think if you have technical analysis set up the right way on your charts, it's very easy to again, just use it as a little bit of an edge. Now, one quick comment on setting up too many technical indicators: I often find that when I coach people that they have 45 different technical indicators they're looking [...]

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How To Be More Consistent Trading Options | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video I want to talk about this concept of long-term consistency and how you can get there with your trading. This really starts with a question that I'm often asked from fellow members and from people that I coach. They always say, “Kirk, I want to be more consistent with my trading and portfolio. How do I do that? What are the steps I need to take to be more consistent?” We all want to be more consistent in what we do and especially when it comes to investing our hard earned money. We don't want to see profits disappear so quickly. But what I often find as I’ve talked about many times is that people are not in this business long enough to actually see the fruits of their labor. I often talk about the idea that you need to be committed to doing this system and trading high probability trades for months, [...]

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How Casinos Make Money (Exactly) | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video I want to talk about before we get into the specifics throughout this course and this section on entering trades, just talk about our logic and thought process of how we go about making trades and just a 10,000 foot view of what we’re trying to do. It’s obviously a game of numbers and I’ve often said that when it comes to options trading, we should run our business much like a casino does. We all know that casinos make money, they make money hand over fist, but it's sometimes hard to step back and to find out exactly where their edge is. We know that casinos make money and they have an edge and they want us to play, but let’s quantify that. What does that look like and what are the mechanics and logistics behind that because there’s much more to it than just the percentage that they’re going to win [...]

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How To Scan For Stocks To Trade | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video I want to talk about how you can scan for trades. Oftentimes, I find when I coach people that scanning for trade seems to be a lot harder than it really is and hopefully I can demystify that today and show you in less than 10 minutes how we scan for trades. What you’re really looking for when scanning for trades is just unique opportunities and what I call the low hanging fruit. What that means is we’re looking for stocks that have either made a big jump in implied volatility or a big drop in implied volatility, so something that’s out of the norm or a big percentage move up or a big percentage move down on the day, something that’s out of the norm and stands out as low hanging fruit that would gleam some sort of insight into maybe taking a directional stance on that stock going forward. One of [...]

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Rolling Options Trades (How-To Guide) | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video We’re going to talk about the mechanics and logistics of rolling option trades. When you go through a roll, you're basically taking one contract from one month to the next contract month. Let’s first look at it with an example that we have right now which we can use from our broker platform. Alright, we’re inside our platform here on Thinkorswim and we’re just going to look at this trade that we currently have, this call spread in XRT. We entered this trade today, but just for some reason, if I wanted to roll this position to next month and extend the trading timeline, all we would have to do is just come in here and click on this little blue dot here next to the trade and you can see, I can go down to “create rolling order.” The first thing I want to do is I just want to roll the [...]

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Ultimate Guide To Trading A Put Broken Wing Butterfly | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video Today, we’re going to go over the put broken wing butterfly spread. This is an advanced strategy where you take a traditional butterfly spread below the market and you skip one strike to create an unbalanced spread. That's really what gives it its name, that broken wing side of the trade. It's not like a typical butterfly that has even or balanced wings. It's leaning to one side or skewing to one side. Here's exactly how you setup the strategy. The first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to buy one in the money put option and it’s just going to be slightly in the money from where the stock is trading right now, so a put option that’s higher than where the stock is trading. Next, you’re going to go down to the next strike and you’re going to sell two of these slightly out of the money put options. [...]

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How To Use Display Panel Navigation On Riello UPS MasterPlus | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video Let me demonstrate how to navigate through the various user menu options available, and enable you to determine your UPS settings and the current and historical operational status, including all AC and DC voltage, current, and power parameters. Please refer the video while reading this. This is the UPS status screen and main menu. This screen is displayed when the UPS is first switched on or if button 1 is pressed from any next level screen. The line diagram on the screen indicates the voltage path through the UPS and shows the operational status of the various switches and power stages within the UPS. In this example, the UPS is online with the maintenance bypass switch open, the bypass supply switch closed, and the UPS static switch operational but not supplying an output. The rectifier input switch is closed and the rectifier is seen to be providing a DC output. The inverter is [...]

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Ultimate Guide To Covered Calls | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video Covered calls are for the long-term stock investor that is definitely looking for a steady or a slightly rising stock price at least for the term of the option. This is generally a capital intensive strategy because you have to be long at least 100 shares of stock to sell a traditional covered call. Really, this is where most people get started in making the transition between options and strategies and moving away from trading stock just by itself and using some options and strategies in conjunction with stock. I definitely agree that if you're going to be a stock trader and stock investor, you've got to have some sort of covered call strategy inside your portfolio because it’s just the smart way of making trades. Let’s talk about how you setup a covered call specifically. The first thing that you’re going to do is you’re going to be long 100 shares of [...]

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Ultimate Guide To Trading Custom Naked Puts | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video Today, I want to cover a custom naked put option. What we call a custom naked put also carries many other names out there in the trading world, but this is what I’ve always known it to be, is just a custom order, a different way of building two different strategies into one single trade and order. This strategy is one we like to use when we're fairly bullish on a stock, but also might see some downside risk of the stock possibly heading lower short-term, so we want to build some of that into our strategy. This is how we setup the strategy. The first thing we’re going to do is we're going to sell an out of the money call at a very high probability of success level and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to buy an out of the money call at a higher strike and [...]

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Ultimate Guide To Trading Call Calendar Spreads | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video We’re going to go over the specifics of trading a call calendar spread. A long call calendar spread profits from a slightly higher move up in the underlying stock inside of a given range, but they also profit from a rise in implied volatility and therefore, are a great low cost way of taking advantage of low implied volatility markets and options. We often trade these when implied volatility has dropped and sometimes, they’re really good in bullish markets. As stocks are slowly starting to rally higher, you want to trade either directionally spreads or trade some of these calendar spreads. This is exactly how you setup this strategy. First, you're going to sell a front month out of the money call option. This is the key point here. We’re going to sell that front month out of the money call option, that front month option is going to be a little bit [...]

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How Many Earnings Trades | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video I want to talk about just the number of earnings trades that you need to be making on a quarterly basis and really, the frequency in which you need to be trading if you want to take advantage of doing earnings play. I think the first thing that we need to start with obviously is you have to decide early on before earnings season really starts if you have the time and have the ability to make a lot of these earnings trades because they’re not like most of the trades that we make in our portfolio where we can hold them for a month or a couple of weeks. Earnings trades are going to be a little bit different because they do require a little bit more attention because you will have to be entering them closer to the end of the day and then will have to be trying to manage [...]

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Ultimate Guide To Trading A Put Diagonal Spread | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video I want to talk about a put diagonal spread, a strategy that you can use in bullish directional trades in low volatility environments. You can think of a put diagonal as basically a two part strategy and that's because it's a cross between a long calendar spread and a short credit put spread. It’s a cross between a long calendar spread and a short credit put spread. Having features of both of these basic strategies, this is definitely a more advanced strategy which profits from both the decay in the option price differentials between the contract months and a general upward directional movement in the underlying stock. This is exactly how you’d setup that strategy. The first thing that you’re going to do is sell one out of the money front month put option. You’re going to sell one out of the money front month put option probably a couple of strikes out [...]

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Ultimate Guide To Trading Put Calendar Spreads | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video I want to talk about how you would go about adding or trading a put calendar spread. Remember that long put calendar spreads profit from a slightly lower move down in the underlying stock inside of a given range and they also profit from a rise in the implied volatility and therefore are a low-cost way of taking advantage of low implied volatility options and markets. You know that we’re big fans of calendars when implied volatility is very, very low. That's the key here. They got to be low implied volatility and you can use these calendars to get a little bit directional in your trading. How do we setup this trade? The first thing that we’re going to do is we're going to sell the front month out of the money put option. Front month options, we typically target anywhere between 20 and 45 days or so, maybe around 30 days. [...]

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Ultimate Guide To Trading And Iron Butterfly Spread | How to Guide Video & Article

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video I want to go through the specifics of how you would build and trade an iron butterfly. This is actually one of our favorite strategies to use when implied volatility is really high. It’s a very cool video and hopefully, you guys enjoy this. You could think of an iron butterfly as a combination of a short straddle and an iron condor. It gets its iron butterfly name because it looks like a butterfly spread, but it's not created using the same butterfly option strikes that you would typically find. It’s a great strategy to use during very high implied volatility setups when you want to also reduce the capital required to hold the trade and we’re going to show you how it reduces the capital required to hold the trade here in a little bit. How do you setup this strategy? First thing you’re going to do is you’re going to sell [...]

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Stocks, Indexes & ETFs – What’s The Difference? | Your Questions Answered

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video I want to talk about stocks, indexes and ETFs. We know there’s three main types of underlying securities that we will trade options on. Regardless of your trading experience, it's important that you really understand the benefits and drawbacks of each of these three different types, stocks, indexes and ETFs. That’s what we’re going to go over in this video. With stocks, here are the main benefits. First, there’s thousands of possible companies to trade and I think the keyword here is “possible companies to trade.” That doesn’t mean that they’re all great trading opportunities, but there are so, so many different securities out there that we can trade when it comes to stocks, so there’s a lot of choice. Earnings trading opportunities are huge with stock because they don’t happen on ETFs and indexes, so the ability to trade a stock every quarter around earnings and profit from that implied volatility crush [...]

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Service-Oriented Architecture | Your Questions Answered

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video The structure and make up to complex engineered systems is fundamentally different to that of our traditional engineered systems which are homogeneous, well-bounded, monolithic and relatively static. Our complex systems are, in contrary, heterogeneous, dynamic, unbounded and composed of autonomous elements. Modeling and designing these new complex engineered systems requires intern and alternative paradigm in system architecture. Our new architecture will need to be able to deal with the key features to complex engineered systems that we discussed in previous sections. Firstly, it will need to be focused on services, over the properties of components. It will also need to be focused upon interoperability and cross platform functionality, to deal with high level of diversity between components. So as to deal with the autonomy of the components, it will need to be flexible, distributed and, what we call loosely coupled. Lastly, it will also need to employ a high level of abstraction, to [...]

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Tips on creating Multiple Choice Quizzes | Advice and Guidance

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video We'll be just looking at some tips and tricks to create good multiple choice quizzes okay first of all I'd like to ask: why would you choose multiple choice questions? i have to say i do have a preference for multiple choice questions possibly because they're this simplest to create - multiple response is a version of multiple choice questions where there are more than one correct answers. With short answers you've got to worry about learner's misspelling words Hotspots use images and you've got to define certain areas of an image that are correct or incorrect it's often easier just to include labels on the image and have a multiple choice question asked the learner to select which labeled is correct In matching questions really we have to match items in one list with with another-they can often be reformatted as multiple choice questions and are easier to write So that's my [...]

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Terra Mystica 101 Strategy with Sarterus | Advice and Guidance

Don't have the time to read the article? Click here to watch the video This is intended for people who have already played Terra Mystica. If you have not played Terra Mystica, and you're interested in just a basic run through of it, or a review of it, check out Rahdo's Run Through, or Shut Up and Sit Down's video reviewing Terra Mystica. When I say this is one of the best strategy games in the last 10 years, I truly mean it. I've played a lot of this game. It was one of the early board games for the Pacific Northwest Board Game League, and the replay on this is just incredible. There's a bunch of asymmetrical races, there's a lot of different strategies, it's a very in-depth, highly re-playable wonderful Eurogame. There's a lot of different ways that you can play this game. In playing it in a competitive format and in a casual format, I strongly recommend [...]

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Flood Protection: Get Information on Flood Protection and Insurance from Expert John Ritz

Many people do not realize that flood insurance is not covered under your typical homeowners insurance policy. One realization of this occurred after hurricane Katrina when plenty of unfortunate individuals did not have any flood insurance and were left without a home and belongings. The lawsuits that followed are beyond the scope of this article. The only way that you can get this important coverage is through the National Flood Insurance Program. This program will provide coverage for your home up to $250,000 and up to 100,000 for the contents of the property. Commercial coverage is provided up to $500,000 for both the building and contents. Depending on the risk level of your location your premium can be relatively inexpensive or more expensive. Since the rates are set by NFIP every policy quote that you get should be the same from every source. Often times the agent that handles your auto or home insurance can provide you with a flood policy. You do not have to be in a high [...]

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Dr. Brill is a nationally recognized diet, nutrition and fitness expert. She is a frequently requested professional speaker and media spokesperson as well as an author, college professor and practitioner specializing in weight control and cardiovascular disease prevention. Dr. Janet holds master's degrees in both nutrition and exercise physiology and a doctorate in exercise physiology. She also is a registered dietitian and certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and Wellcoaches, Inc. Dr. Brill has been published in noted scientific journals including the International Journal of Sport Nutrition, the International Journal of Obesity, the ACSM Health & Fitness Journal and the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. She has published and been quoted in leading lay publications including Shape, Prevention, Men's Health, First for Women, Woman's World, Today's Diet and Nutrition, Health and more. In addition to having served as a nutrition consultant for leading firms such as American Express, Proctor & Gamble, and The Sports Club LA, Dr. Brill also has conducted health seminars [...]

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Preventing Fraud : Expert – Diane Ness

Diane Ness, President of ENI Enterprises, is a nationally recognized expert in fraud prevention strategy, leadership development and success coaching. Diane is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), as well as a Certified Financial Services Security Professional (CFSSP). Diane is a dynamic public speaker and has made presentations to the American Banker's Association national compliance, security, and operations conferences, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiner's national U.S. conference, Speaking of Women's Health conference, as well as numerous local and regional conferences. Diane has crafted her speaking style by training under nationally known speakers such as Steve Siebold, Curtis Zimmerman, Bob Proctor, and Tony Alessandra. She has also been featured on TV and radio advertisements. Diane has worked in the financial services industry for two decades, holding increasingly responsible positions as a regional investigations manager, deposit fraud manager, enterprise fraud risk manager, and fraud strategy manager. During her career, Diane has handled over 2000 fraud cases and has responded to over 1000 robberies. Notably, Diane investigated and presented for prosecution the largest [...]

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An Interview with Dr. Cecil Yeung on Rhinoplasty.

Dr. Cecil Yeung is a fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Here the doctor has answered some common questions that Bizymoms visitors have about Rhinoplasty. Q. What is Rhinoplasty? A. A Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to change the aesthetic appearance of the nose, whether it needs to be thinner, larger or repositioned from injury. Q. What are the benefits of Rhinoplasty? A. Benefits of a Rhinoplasty include, a more proportional face, aesthetically pleasing, and of course confidence. Most don't change their nose willingly if they are happy with it. Q. Who is a good candidate for Rhinoplasty? A. Most are suitable for a rhinoplasty, however asymmetry and prior breaks to the bone give more motive for surgery. Q. What are the risks associated with Rhinoplasty? A. As with any procedure, there are risks. Risks include further damage, rejection of implant if needed, and other risks can be acquired through infections and non-compliance from patient. Q. What does a Rhinoplasty procedure involve? A. Different people [...]

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Is "No Money Down" Real Estate REAL?

Discover My Local City : Have you always wanted to invest in real estate and flip houses like you see on TV,But maybe you don't have a ton of money or you don't have the best credit? Well, keep watching as I show you exactly how I invest in real estate And how you, too, can flip houses with no money and no credit

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This Dog Met Her Mom Again After Months Apart, And Their Reunion Will Tug At Your Heartstrings | Local CIty Videos and Articles

The footage of the free encounter gave no indication of where it was shot or when but the intense events that unfolded made such mattersirrelevant with equal parts excitement and trepidation Both dog owners led their individual forego B's unwittingly towards their family reunion in the video uploaded in 2015 Apparently it had been three months since Harper the puppy found her forever home and the mutt had not clapped eyes on her

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Fabric For Kids : The best fabric for kids clothing

The best fabric for kids clothing The clothing for kids should be selected very carefully as the skin of the children is usually very delicate and can get affected by allergies easily. In addition to that the children are a very playful lot and their clothes should be durable and suitable for their activities. Thus the fabrics that should be selected must not be too hard and not too mild. Fabrics such as silk woolen polyester cotton and linen could be used for childrens clothes. The different climatic conditions demand different fabrics. Although the synthetic fabrics have advantages such as strength less likely to shrink and low cost there are doubts regarding the suitability of these materials for childrens garments. There are some fabrics which are combined natural fibers and synthetics which provide comfort of the natural fibers with the practicality of the synthetics. The kids shirts and frocks could be made out of the above mentioned mixed fabric since they do not bother to protect their clothes. The childrens [...]

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Work At Home Scam : Top work at home scams to avoid

The Internet is swarming with so many work at home opportunities which give way to earning a solid income. At the same time the Internet has also provided plenty of opportunities to both fraudulent companies and dishonest people and many a work at home scam too.You can easily dodge a work at home scam by being able to recognize it as soon as you see one. Any work at home scam which offers you easy money and has advertisements suggesting that you can earn thousands of dollars on a monthly basis without lifting a finger is surely a scam in its truest form. Also if a site provides hazy details about the nature of the job it is probably a work at home scam. Anything which sounds too good to be true probably is so.Steer clear of the work at home scam which leads you to a pyramid work at home scheme. Many of these schemes are making their way through the web in various forms. While there is a [...]

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Retail Franchise Opportunities : What type of people typically gravitate towards retail franchise opportunities

What type of people typically gravitate towards retail franchise opportunitiesIn the commercial world today there exist a vast number of retail franchise opportunities for the enterprising business person to explore.In the slog and grind of making out an existence in todays competitive marketplace and difficult economic climate not everybody is content to just to go through the mundane routine of going out to work for others.The depressive scenario of waking up every morning battling through traffic and entering a high pressure work environment where you are taken for granted and have to fight your way up the corporate ladder are not at all what some people want out of life.We are not even taking into consideration the many snags of internal corporate politics jealousies and rivalries to say nothing of the inflexibility in the work day schedule which leaves you with not a moment to spare to attend to anything of your own.Such people who are straining at the limitations placed on them by having to go out to work [...]

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Picnic Planning : How to organize a picnic

When was the last time you and your family had a picnic.Well there are plenty of places to have a picnic so why not make the most of a lovely day. You can plan a picnic a week ahead or decide on the spur of the moment as the weather looks permitting and the kids are bored out of their minds.The basics to organising a picnic Venue Food and drinks Who and how many are going Games Equipment First aid boxFun venues for a picnic with your family Beach Amusements park Zoo The woods The country side By a river bank Grounds of a stately home A accessible islandOnce you are clear with where you want to go pack a small snack or a lunch. You can include plenty of food to take on a picnic and if its a pre-planned make some of your familys favorite food. If you dont have time to waste drop down to local super market or bakery and pick out those ready to eat [...]

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Adopting a Dog, Dogs, Puppies and Adoptiing a Dog

I'll start by admitting that I don't really believe that dogs are better than puppies, but it's an intriguing title for this blog, isn't it? The assertion does, however, speak to the heart of a belief I truly hold about adopting a dog. I'm an advocate of acquiring homeless dogs from shelters. Both of my dogs were shelter dogs, and I even had a street mongrel at one time. I grew up with rescue dogs – never did my parents buy a puppy from a pet store. Most shelter animals are adults, many are adolescents, and a few are puppies. Shelters often have great puppies, so if you want a pup, that's a great place to start. Sometimes they even have purebred puppies. But they always have tons of great dogs, many purebred, and most of which are already socialized to the human world. You're not going to get that in a puppy! Pre-owned or recycled adult dogs are savvy. They usually come with a few "tricks" ready to show [...]

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Get Advice on Where to Write from Expert Josh Goldfaden

In my last Bizymoms entry, I mentioned the importance of finding time for your writing — of taking your already-busy life, and squeezing in a regular appointment with yourself and your writing supplies. Today, I'd like to continue that discussion by focusing specifically on where one writes. In nearly every interview with a writer, there's one question about where and when the author writes. Personally, I'm fascinated by these questions. The fascination, I think, stems from the fact that somewhere within me I feel like my system is a foolish one, and that somewhere out there there's a much better way to write which will suddenly enable me to produce far superior work. Having read hundreds of these interviews, I can confidently state that every writer has a different time of day they write, in a different place, and for varying lengths of time. In other words, there is no right answer. As for me, I spent many years doing a very good job carving out time to write. I'd [...]

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Satellite Communication : Satellite Communication

Satellites are used around the world for a variety of reasons communication is one of them. The first satellite to be equipped with a radio transmitter was launched in 1957 by the soviet government. This satellite was called Sputnik 1. The first American communication satellite was called Project SCORE which was launched in 1958. After the launch of these communication satellites communication reached new heights. Many things which we thought to be impossible were achieved.From earth a satellite seems to be stationary but in reality it revolves around the earth at a constant speed once a day over the equator. This is called a geostationary orbit. This technique is very important because ground based antennas which need to be directed toward a satellite to gather information can operate effectively without the use of expensive equipment to track the position of the satellite. The first geostationary satellite was launched on the 9th of August 1964 which was called the Syncom 3. This satellite was used to relay television coverage of the [...]

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Running Analysis: How the FASTEST Asian in the 60m/100m race Runs (Su Bingtian) | Video Transcription & Article

Video Transcription & Article - Hey guys, it's JP Gloria and today we're gonna go over the running form ofSu Bingtian, who is currently the fastest Asian to have ever run the 60 meter and 100 meter race!!! Recently, I've been making running videos looking at long distance runners, who's running mechanics are more predicated toward efficiency

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Surveys For Money : Use the Internet to research legitimate surveys for money sites

It is really great when you can work from home at a time which is convenient for you. These online jobs which include surveys for money have become the most sought after jobs nowadays. Also with the high unemployment rate a number of people have turned to these online surveys to satisfy their financial needs. Completing these online surveys is a great way to make some quick cash but just like any online job theres a catch.Therefore here are three important issues that you have to know about before starting on these online polls1. Most surveys wont pay you cashA number of people call these online poll websites a scam when they have got a gift voucher rather than a check. However this is a common form of remuneration awarded by market research companies because they can avoid the hassles of paying by check or by PayPal. Therefore before you start on a survey check the payment policy of the company. However the good part is that if you are [...]

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Paid Online Surveys : Watch for paid online surveys for children

There are a number of children who once they get into their teens want to go for some part time job so that they can get some extra pocket money. However not all companies are willing to hire teenagers to work that too with the current economic climate there is nearly a 0 chance of a teenager getting hired. However paid online surveys are fast becoming a great source of pocket money for teenagers. In addition the fact that they can work from home makes it even more attractive. Nearly all teenagers are using the internet now. The internet is being used as the main source of research and the answers to most of the homework. More than this the internet is a great source of work opportunities for them. Children will be able to get jobs without much of a difficulty. At first children can start off with babysitting or probably some newspaper delivery. These are jobs which are mostly done by teens so that they can get an [...]

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Real Estate Business : Real Estate Business – a popular business for moms

Is the real estate business a popular business for moms? How can you know if it is the right business for you as a busy mom? Will you be able to fit it into your already hectic schedule? The real estate business can be exciting and inviting. You will be your own boss which means flexibility of hours initiative in decision making and a choice of areas to work in. All of this sounds very exciting and you may be impatient to start but there are factors you need to consider and be aware of. Even though there will be flexibility in your hours you will have to work on evenings and weekends. This is because most of your clients will also be working and showing them a property will have to take place when they are free. This does not mean that you have to commit every evening and weekend to your business but be prepared to organize yourself in a way that you put aside a few evenings [...]

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An Interview with Dr. Fred Suess on Breast Lifting.

Dr. Fred Suess is a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Here the Doctor has answered some of the common questions Bizymoms visitors have about Breast Lifting. Q. What is Breast Lifting? A. A breast lift (or mastopexy) is a procedure to elevate breasts that are sagging (are ptotic). This "sagging" can be the result of pregnancy, aging or genetics. A breast lift is performed with or without breast implants as an outpatient procedure. Breast implants are used when in addition to uplift, an increase in volume is needed or requested. Q. How is breast lift surgery done? A. When a breast lift is performed, pre-operative markings are made to excise skin, raise the breasts, increase their projection, and create a more pleasing contour. A decision to enlarge the breasts at this time is made between the patient and her physician. Q. What is the recovery period like? A. The surgery takes about three hours to perform. Most of the sutures (stitches) are under the skin. [...]

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Framing Business : Framing Business- Can I operate it from home

A picture framing business is one of those great businesses that can be started from home. For many moms the idea to start the business can from their mere hobby of picture framing. If the right ingredients like craftsmanship excellent customer relations and advertising can be mixed together this hobby can transform into a lucrative and full time business enterprise. As a picture framing business owner you will be working with art galleries artists photographers and others so that their creative works can be elegantly presented to the public. Picture framing has become an excellent choice as a home business for many reasons. Chief among them is the fact that it requires no formal training. However if you are to pursue this business as a potential career then it is imperative that you fine tune your skills by attending classes at a community college or by working for another framer. Having the right set of skills either by talent or training you will be able to make nearly 28000 a [...]

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Free Housing Grants : Free housing grants to upgrade or modernize your house

For all you homeowners out there the great news is that you can now apply for free housing grants and use the grant money to modernize your homes The government is offering millions of dollars in the form of free housing grants to those who want to undertake remodeling projects to upgrade and modernize their homes. So if you have been postponing a repair or remodeling idea that youve been having in your mind for a long time this is the time to put it into action Among the various types of housing grants free housing grants to modernize homes take a top place because a lot of homeowners take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to add a new touch and class to their homes. Especially during these times of financial difficulties not many people can afford to take the initiative to do anything decorative to their homes because theyre already finding it difficult to make ends meet. Therefore free housing grants from the government can be an awesome opportunity [...]

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Jesse Carter Profile : Fundraiser, Fundraising Consultants

Jesse Carter is President of Profit Quests Fundraising and has over 24 years experience in the fundraising world. He has conducted various types of fundraising activities including: major multi-million dollar capital campaigns, feasibility studies, annual campaigns, product fundraisers, campaign leadership training, fundraising team selection and organization, donor research, building significant donor bases, training of Boards of Directors and staff, fundraising material marketing and design, public relations tools for nonprofits, school based fundraisers, nonprofit community and service activity coordination. Mr. Carter investigates new and creative ways for raising funds in these difficult times. He is actively engaged as a consultant for a diverse group of nonprofit organizations nationally and regionally; as well as, working with many individuals raising funds for various causes and concerns. Mr. Carter has a particular interest in assisting individuals and small to medium sized nonprofits and ministries with little or no funding as they begin to build their support base. Related links: Blog - Twitter - Website - RSS Feed - Free [...]

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