Being a White Student at a Historically Black College

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Whats Trending in My Online World : I know College is really about getting an education but here you can get likean education academically as well as education through life also so much of it is that Brotherhood component that I thought was it was rare and so when it came time to apply to schools did you apply anywhere else or no more houses at the only school that I applied to walking down Brown Street and having people acknowledging you and affirming you that's something that if they do here and I love that try to culture shock southern hospitality is a beautiful thing students here they are extremely hardworking and creative we produce more black attorneys we produce the most black doctors anybody around you they're black students they're black artists this place is secret I think this is a safe space for black students and this school was gonna challenge me in ways that I probably would not have gotten at other institutions and if we had white people just come in here I will feel disrespected I am as a result of you know this school do you feel like you really belong here I feel like I belong here if I'm putting in the word decibel we're on the campus of Morehouse College Morehouse is an historically black men's college that was founded out of the necessity to give a culturally safe space to black students who are being excluded by predominantly white institutions in 2018 their existence feels necessary for a lot of the same reasons in the past year alone hate groups are openly marching on college campuses a white student admitted on Instagram to tampering with her black roommates personal belongings another black student had the police called on her while sleeping on a couch in the common area of her dorm and others are still victims of racially motivated attacks the thing is Morehouse like so many other HBCUs is navigating one of the most difficult financial climates it's seen since its establishment and in order to keep their doors open they've turned to the recruitment of non black students that we want to come together but for some of you coming together means ignoring our experiences and while shows like dear white people have dramatized the tension around white students entering black spaces on college campuses that tension is very real at places like Morehouse so we're here to meet Thiago he's a non-traditional freshman at Morehouse and we're gonna find out what it's like being a non black student at an all-black school Tiago what's going on what's up homie are you doing what's your name man Chris Chris so I got to actually put on my my outfit before we start do you mind if I sit on your bed Oh respect to you I'm sorry now I got you I got you always ask first I appreciate it I'm not trying to violate so I was freshman year Ben it's a little bit of a culture shock having it be a new setting a new city you know when I first got here they told me you know people are gonna always come up to you and ask you why'd you come to Morehouse you know people looking at me like oh wow who is this person so that's something that was totally different but the cool thing is that it's like representative southern hospitality which I really appreciate so my middle name is actually Jimmy because we share the same birthday that's cool yeah my dentist gave this to me that he's been saving for decades you know growing up in predominantly black kindergarten and elementary school and then transitioning to a more white affluent community in my high school you know you get to see the two different levels I think it was just psychologically just like you know put me into this position where like I'm naturally more gravitated towards the black community than the white community what made you want to come to this school why Morehouse I think I just wanted something you know different how did your friends and peers and your family how did they respond to this decision my family was cool with it but I don't think they really believed that you know it was gonna end up happening and that's no knock on them I love my family and then you know peers they didn't respond initially well to the idea of more house so my kids they like ridiculed you yeah definitely first so it was a hard process this was like my dream right if people were trashing it so I had a ton of self-doubt and going through this like sort of like identity crisis kind of realizing oh what am i doing you know am i doing what's right because everybody's saying it's wrong but every time I took a trip up here at morehouse people told me oh man they're gonna love you here I was like okay why am I being treated better here more house by strangers then you know people back home Morehouse like many of the 101 HBCU still operating in the United States was founded in the late 1800s to educate freed slaves who were refused access to predominantly white institutions over time they evolved in the culturally safe spaces where black students were encouraged to be free thinking and could escape the oppression that lived outside their campus gates and these environments help sculpt the great black minds of America and Morehouse in particular has produced alumni like Martin Luther King jr

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