How to and Why? What Is WRONG With Russia?

//How to and Why? What Is WRONG With Russia?

what’s poppin yall, russia has been the subject of discussion wherever you go nowonline whether it be from the memes or the state-sponsored doping that was shown to be happening in that country for years and it being banned and reinstated by the international olympic committee when it came to the winter olympics in south korea this year. then there’s all the politics that go around with some sort of alleged involvement in the us elections and social media accounts and all the boring stuff nobody really cares about. russia though, a very large country when it comes to the online community from what i’ve seen have a niche that loves rap and there are some american rappers that have prospered in russia as well as eastern europe far before they even became popular in their own country. is a popular social media network and website that is offered in a bunch of different languages but most of it’s users are russian or speak the language. think of it as the facebook of russia; and on this website you can find a number of different things. one is that almost every single popular rap album from nwa to anything released today is available for free download through either a rar or zip file in high quality if you know how to look for them.

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you can also see discussions based on these albums underneath the posts where they’re highlighted and i’ve wondered why most of them don’t get deleted or taken down since it’s illegal but i’m guessing it has something to do with international laws. the point is that, if this russian social network has hundreds if not thousands of rap albums with discussion about them on this website of all different types of rap from the underground stuff from the 90s, to jay-z, to chief keef, then clearly there is a market for it and a large crowd that loves it. but while there is a large number of russians that love the old school hip hop which is most of what i’ve seen from vk; it still confuses me because most may not even be able to understand it. there is also an appeal to a certain style of rap music that most rap listeners in america either detest or love, and it’s usually the former and that’s a handful of different rappers who i don’t even know how to categorize or give a name for their subgenre. it’s rappers like scxrlxrd, ghostemane, suicide boys, bones, old xxxtentacion, old 6ix9ine, some denzel curry, and a couple of others who i can’t really think of from the top of my head. but before 6ix9ine got poppin the states which was by none other than gummo the music video for it was uploaded to fck them the youtube channel that’s been promoting his music for years. 6ix9ine had a much more darker image back then though; songs like exodia had the subtitles of the music video in russian i think. one of his first shows ever was in bratislava the capital of slovakia and this was when most people in america hadn’t even heard of him yet. denzel curry’s songs like ultimate are really received well by this crowd as well. bones had a really successful europe tour and in moscow it was one of his craziest shows with the russian fans yelling out every word and going wild it was incredible i don’t think many mainstream rappers would have their fans knowing all the words to their song like that for over an hour.

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any of these rappers i named you peep their music videos on youtube you will find tons of comments and highly upvoted comments in russian. all these rappers share a similar style or an asset that it could be one or a couple of songs or their entire discography and that’s the really loud, screaming, hard bass hitting beats, it’s kinda like screamo rap. but this type of energy really seems to appeal to russia in particular and not as much to traditional rap fans or many americans. it seems like it’s too weird for the traditional rap fans and the metal fans think it’s too amateurish and look down on it since it’s hip hop so it’s a lose lose situation. but this style of music is having a growing presence in the states from the younger generation of edgy teens and young adults. why it appeals to a lot of russians; well just from what i’ve seen online is they’re crazy, to say the least. not crazy in a negative light but most americans view of russians is what they’ve seen from videos online. either those videos of the russian dash cams that i’ve watched hours of years back, or the insane mosh pits they have during shows, and what’s caught the most attention from people in the west is the almost disregard for their own mortality. all those videos of people doing parkour across buildings, riding on the top of trains, scaling those huge skyscrapers and then hanging off the side of a crane and slowly making it one hand, then a couple of fingers, then just one, and then there’s also the video of the person on the hoverboard riding it just to the edge. just watching these videos is hard enough and makes some people’s stomach drop, they wouldn’t even think to attempt anything like that in real life. if there’s one word that most of us non-russians can agree on when it comes to yall it’s that you’re fearless.

and what kind of music would appeal to someone whose interested in all these kinds of things than high energy, screaming, rap over some hard hitting beats. you’re not gonna listen to some crooning auto-tune rapper or someone whose just mellow, you gotta get turnt up and probably drink some vodka before you decide to scale a building that just the right amount of wind will send you flying momentarily before you realize that you are indeed capable of dying. if there are any russians watching this, from russia, not the one’s raised in america let me know why these rappers appeal to you and if they don’t are there things that are related to your culture that makes these kinds of rappers and their style of music more enjoyable than the mainstream ones; be it the ones who are traditionally rapping or even the ones who are more on the melody side. please let me know in the comments; i wanna learn more. like and subscribe and hit that notification bell if you enjoyed, thank you for watching, peace!

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