How to and Why? Marry a Filipina – What is it like Being Married to an American

//How to and Why? Marry a Filipina – What is it like Being Married to an American

we have heard so many success stories of filipinas coming to the of them owned a quiznos franchise. now i’m on my way to hear another success story! hey guys! i am in dallas, texas. visiting a friend. my destination is gonna be san antonio. but right now, i’m waiting for my connecting flight. and she was in a few videos when we first started youtube. i helped her to drive and sent her to work when she was in colorado. and they had to move here because her husband is working in the military. normally every two years, they have to switch places. i’m waiting for my friend. (how are you) kumusta? she’s not fat, its just the baby. so the baby’s fat it’s so nice to see how much their relationship has grown. their bond is closer. i’m at the baby’s room. they have set it all up. this is a diaper trash can. (para hindi sya mangamoy) so that it won’t smell. that (trashcan) came from the baby shower. my friend has already prepared all the baby’s supplies. and they had a baby shower, and the rest are gifts from the people who attended. this is for breastfeeding. (ang cute noh? sa atin walang ganyan ganyan.) it is so cute! in ph, there’s nothing like that. who put all the stickers? (my spouse) asawa ko. i came there to also give some gifts for my friend’s baby.

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like so many other filipinas, irma is such a great wife. she takes care of her husband. 🙂 i do all of it. washing dishes, cooking. her home looks so spotless anyway. irma found a way to help her husband financially too. she does couponing, she finds sales, glitches, i don’t know , i mean i’m still not sure what glitches means exactly. everything you see in their home is from irma finding deals. almost everything. okay so my friend is gonna show me about the couponing. which is pretty common among filipinas to save money. she’s gonna teach me how to get the printable coupons. yeah and we’re gonna go to the store later. we were gonna go out but irma wanted to save so we just ate at home. (filipino dish) sinigang pork belly and beef. we are at cvs. this is the 4th or 5th store actually. and she’s gonna teach me some couponing. (so, wala kang binayad nun?) so you did not pay anything for those? (wala) none. galing lang yun sa cvs card mo ang $3.00? (the $3 came from your cvs card?) oo = yes next destination is the asian market we are at the asian store. we grabbed some supplies for the next day’s meal and our dessert.. sis, what do you call this? filipinos love exotic meals anyway so don’t be shocked by it, ginataang bilo bilo balut – boiled duck eggs hi yuribruceteam! im in texas right now. ahm bruce is not here. i miss my husband for two days. im in texas. visited a friend of mine that was also in a few videos of mine in 2015. here she is. she’s gonna have her baby soon! sis, for our new viewers could you please introduce yourself to them. hi my name is irma from san antonio texas. how did you and your spouse met we met when i was working in korea and he was stationed there. how’s your relationship as a married couple going strong did anything change for the good hmmm more importunate but i can deal with it.

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hmm what are your challenges now after being married for 3 years . more patience because sometimes there are ups and downs. but communication is the best yeah. i remember you said to not go to sleep without reconciling with your partner. if you get into a fight with your spouse, reconcile before going to bed. don’t go to bed without settling a misunderstanding. coz who knows maybe that’s the end of your.. do you still have bigger misunderstanding/arguments now none. just small stuff especially now that i am pregnant. i’m very sensitive even with small things it can make me cry. it is good that my husband is very patient. how about his family, does his mom and dad visit here or you we do visit them. his siblings come here to visit sometimes. most of time, then you said his sister arranged the baby shower. so that is how it works here. that it is them who will organize it yes, someone else is gonna throw a baby shower for you. your friends or your sister in law coz if you are pregnant, you have to relax. unlike in philippines, you have to do everything, arranged everything for your baby shower. and here its not that much food. just finger food. in ph, if we have celebration you prepare and cook everything. like a fiesta what did you like about your foreigner husband what are the advantages or disadvantages for my case having an american husband, you can really see the sincerity that they really want you. you know. with a filipino you mean you can see the sincerity of . even when they don’t show it through words, you can see it in their action. yes. true. i agree yes. they’re not like filipinos who are very expressive in their sweetness. they don’t show it that much but you can see it through their actions. they’re very responsible. they’re not very sweet but their actions are more romantic.

like with giving surprises, providing emotional support, even though they’re not sweet you know that your husband is there for you. yeah as my friend said. in our case americans, when they say something it’s more sincere. they tell it through how responsible they are when it comes to providing, making sure that the wife is truly happy with the stability. not just financially but emotionally they’re able to provide it for their wives.. so for the foreigners who are asking me, they said that us filipinos are so attached to the family. in your own opinion, is helping our family a part of our culture? for me yes, its because its natural for us to help each other. especially when you think about them and you are having such good meals. it just feels like something is missing. you know like when you don’t help your family, you feel that feeling of guilt that you now have a way better life. even though there are many bills, will get through it. unlike in ph, its really hard. isang kahig, isang tuka. (one scratch, one peck) so for me, i will help as long as i can no matter what happens. what is your husband’s reaction with your principle? of course his reaction is that he says it is different here. you are already in the states. you have your own family and that’s us. your family in ph becomes second (other family). so they are not your responsibility anymore. for me, it is not like that. i also don’t like the thought that i am doing okay here while my family in ph isn’t. it’s just still so unfair. they are still your family no matter what. right? also here, our $100 is for make up shopping only while in ph its already a sack of rice. true. sis, what is the difference between a filipino bf and foreigner bf in my case, (american) they are serious. caring , loving, what else. filipino, ahm. i don’t know. it’s like.. no comment.? okay, now we’re back driving to the airport. thank you johnny for sending me. yuri, i’m gonna miss you. i will see you again and the baby. luv you sis! almost back to co. and printing my ticket. it was nice to be able to see my friend in texas eventhough it’s only two days. but its still better than nothing. its nice to witness some other people’s success stories. when people tell us their own. oohhhhh.!!! look at that! there’s my success story! 🙂 thats so sweet. had a good time? yes. i’m so blessed to have a loving partner. thank you for the flowers baybee!

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