How to and Why? How to take Self Portraits

//How to and Why? How to take Self Portraits

when it comes to self portraits i want to be able to sayi took this picture on my own without anybody’s help… and yeah. [intro music] hey everybody welcome to my youtube channel! so today i’m going to show you guys how to take your own self portraits so without further ado let’s get started! [background music] so the first thing that i think is really important when it comes to taking your own self portrait is your outfit. and when you have your outfit it is so important to be in something that feels comfortable to you something that isn’t too busy but something that is really yourself. and so for example in my self-portraits, what i would do, is that i would wear like solid colors, um… kind of either depending on what i was going for. it could be warm colors, cool colors, or like a mix. but just choose whatever you think is most like you! so the next thing that is important is location. and when it comes to taking self portraits i feel like location is kind of a tough thing to do if you don’t have you know a beautiful beach near you or a place that has a bajillion flowers that are just ugh the cutest ever! and so what i like to do is like kind of either think about what i have near me, or take what i have and use it to my benefit.

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so for a few of my self-portraits that i have that is on my instagram already, those are taken either inside my house, in my backyard, or a nearby beach that i went to that was kind of spur of the moment. and so, if you do want to take portraits in your backyard for example sometimes scoping out the environment before isn’t always that hopeful. i know i just said to scope it out but, what i did, for example this photo shoot, is that i kind of started taking pictures on my back porch, and then i moved over to different parts of my backyard. and i ended up taking amazing photos i was so happy about. also when it comes to location, something that i prefer is taking pictures outside because i like natural light better than artificial light. and so that is obviously up to you but i feel like natural light looks better on your skin. and it kind just adds to the photo. and i feel like artificial light… i don’t want to say they make the photo fake… but it’s not as… [exhales] as it would be if you took the photo outside… if that makes sense. [background music] the next thing that is important is time of day. some of my favorite times to shoot outside is either… 6 to 9 a.m., 1 to 3 p.m., or 6 to 9 p.m. and i like these specific times because of 1) where the sun is, 2) where the shadows are, and how it affects the environment that i take my photos in such as my backyard, or inside my house where there’s natural light available. i did take photos from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. once, and i did not really like how they turned out. mainly because it was a rainy day, but it’s important to find out what you like best. those are just times that i like based on my experience that i’ve had taking pictures at certain times. [background music] so the next thing that would definitely help you in your self-portrait journey is poses.

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and when it comes to poses, for me, it was really hard in the beginning to come up with poses because i was so focused on it. but then i just thought, just go with it. just go with it. if you think this pose will look cool, try it! if you think this pose would look super weird… try it anyway! because you have the time and it is your self-portrait! it’s supposed to be you! when i think of self-portraits, i think of pictures that…. the pictures i want to take, i want people to feel free. i kind of like, a big exhale coming out of their body so they can just feel relaxed. that’s what i want. i don’t want my pictures to seem like i’m tense or anything. and so i tend to just loosen up beforehand and then just try everything! any pose that comes to mind, try it! even if you think it’s going to be weird. cause you never know if you like it [background music] the next thing that is important for your self-portraits is equipment. and when it comes to equipment, you don’t need to have the most expensive camera to take great photos. and you don’t have to use your phone camera even if you wanted to, you can use anything that you want! any equipment that you have to take your pictures. when i started taking self portraits back in january, and then i took my break, well in january, i didn’t even have this dslr camera. i was using my cell phone. and the pictures didn’t turn out terrible, but since i was inside, i didn’t really like them that much. but, the pictures were actually great! and i thought that they were great! and so equipment that i recommend having is a camera. it can be an old camera that you find at the bottom of a box, it can be a brand new dslr camera that you just bought from the store, it can be your cell phone that you’ve had for years and that still works. it can be anything that you have! just take what you have around you and turn it into something great! next thing with equipment, a tripod.

currently, i have two tripods and one monopod. the tripod i have now is just this one that i found in my garage. the second tripod i have, which is very very small, i tend to use that for vlogging and stuff like that. that one previously belonged to my step dad. but then he gave it to me because he never used it. and so i tend to use that whenever i’m taking pictures on my cell phone. and then the monopod i have, that was found in our garage as well and i like to use it for shots i’m either going to do in slow motion or just… yeah. i recommend using a tripod for your self-portraits so you don’t have to have someone helping you unless you want someone helping you. but for me, when it comes to self-portraits, i want to be able to say, i took this picture on my own, without anybody’s help… and yeah. [background music] and lastly, for your self-portraits, you need to have motivation. and you want to be motivated to get that perfect shot. and for me, for this self-portrait journey i am on it’s actually helped me get out of my box a lot! originally, i was so afraid to take pictures outside of my room. let alone by backyard where people could see me. and then one day i was just like you know what? i want a good picture, i’m not going to worry about who sees me. cause they’re not going to talk to me anyway. i’m not going to care who sees me taking pictures on the sidewalk with a big ol camera because i really wanted that picture. and you need to be motivated to not just give up. because i had a shoot that i did just a little while ago cause they was a week where i was doing like a shoot every single day. and i hate the pictures from that shoot. they’re not like the best, and they’re not really the worst, they’re just okay… and i didn’t know that at the time, but they didn’t really turn out well. but that’s not going to stop me. two days later, i went back outside when it was sunny and beautiful and i took pictures that are better than i did the previous time. it’s a learning experience. you need the motivation to keep getting those shots. you need the motivation to wake up at ten o’clock in the morning and bike to that park that’s nearby your house. no matter how many cars are going to see you with this giant tripod sticking out of your bike backpack. you just have to stay motivated. so if you guys do like this video, don’t forget to give it a like and subscribe down below and maybe even leave a comment if you enjoyed the video, if you learned anything, and… just tell me something about yourself. so i’ll see you guys next time. bye!

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