How to and Why? How to Get Verified on Facebook (and more news!) | #SocialRecap, ep. 13

//How to and Why? How to Get Verified on Facebook (and more news!) | #SocialRecap, ep. 13

hacker inti de ceukelaire recently put facebook’s data security to the test.hey, this is chia from brand24. welcome to the #socialrecap – our rundown of all the latest highlights & trends from social media & digital marketing news. let’s start with facebook – we’ve got a few updates, and then we’ll be answering the age old question: how do i get verified on facebook? so, the first update is that facebook is making all the ads that your page is running visible to its users. so, anybody who goes onto your page can get a list of all the advertisements that you are promoting just by scrolling over to the new “ads & info” section. this is where users can find all your ads from facebook, instagram, messenger and other partners. and that’s not all – they’ll also be able to see when your ads were created, report any suspicious-looking ones, and even find out if you’ve recently made any sketchy changes to the name of your page. facebook plans to provide its users with even more information in the ads & info section in the future. this is part of a series of changes designed to make facebook more transparent for its users and prevent situations like cambridge analytica from happening again, where a data leak allowed users to be targeted with biased ads to sway their political opinions before the last elections.

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another update from facebook, in the name of tighter security, is the requirement of https for apps that use facebook login. so, you know how sometimes you can log into an app just by tapping on “login with facebook”? starting october, these apps will be required to switch to https. this helps protect information transmitted online and protect user security. actually, https has already been a requirement since march of this year for apps using facebook login. but now, starting october 6th, all apps, even older ones created before march, will be required to switch to https. developers have a couple months to test all their apps to make sure that everything will run smoothly in https. now, despite all the changes that facebook has been implementing, some are still skeptical about how secure their data is on the platform. hacker inti de ceukelaire recently put facebook’s data security to the test. since quiz apps were how firms like cambridge analytica were getting their hands on user data, this is where inti started. he took a popular quiz on facebook – it was actually “which disney princess are you?”, which is distributed by and then he used his hacker skills to follow the data trail from the quiz to an exposed vulnerability in javascript. because javascript is pretty easy to access – at least for hackers – he was able to get ahold of his own private data just by taking that quiz on facebook. even though facebook is actively reviewing all third party apps – including quiz apps – for possible security breaches, it looks like they still have their work cut out for them. and yet… one of the most popular questions among facebook users is: how to get verified. now, what does it even mean to be verified on facebook? well, if you have that little blue checkmark next to your name, you’re officially ‘of public interest’ and this is your real profile’.

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in other words, for better or worse, you’re kind of a big deal in social media. and you’re so well-known, you need a blue checkmark to verify that you’re real – you are who you say you are, and not just some impostor. so how do you get verified on facebook? there are 3 basic steps. first, see if you’re eligible – and don’t pay anyone to get you verified. that’s not a real shortcut and you will get ripped off. getting verified on your own is doable, but the truth is, it just doesn’t apply to everyone. you need to be a source of authentic public interest. if you generate a decent level of public interest, the second step is to make sure your profile is complete. the requirements are listed in facebook’s guidelines, but things like having a cover photo, profile pic, a valid username, and fresh content coming from your account, these are no-brainers. once you’ve gone down the list, the third step is to fill out the application. you’ll need a copy of your government-issued photo id (like a passport or driver’s license), and have a good reason as to why you should be verified. if you’re not a famous actor, politician, or athlete, and you’re trying to get verified as something vague like a public figure, include as many relevant urls, like websites or articles about you, so you can show them how much interest you’ve already generated from the public. and now, let’s move onto news from instagram. first of all, instagram lite is now available through the google play apps store. and it is 50x smaller than the full app, at less than 1 mb. this means that users who have older devices or slower connections can finally download a version of insta on their phones too. this is pretty significant because insta has over 1 billion overall users now, which means that it’s approaching market saturation – at least for a particular kind of market.

but by releasing a liter version of the app that can be used on older devices with slower connections, they’ll be making instagram accessible to a whole new audience from a whole new market. users, unfortunately, are not able to share videos (no igtv) or direct message other users on the lite version, but they can view stories, comment, like, follow and scroll through the feed just like other users on the full version. the next insta update is related to stories. instagram just announced that they now have over 400 million daily active users on stories, making it bigger than snapchat. snap has less than 200 million users in total, whereas insta has 1 billion overall users – not just on stories. this means that almost half of all instagrammers use stories on a daily basis, so it’s no surprise that more capabilities are being developed for the feature. enter instagram stories music stickers! by adding a music sticker to a story, instagrammers can basically create a soundtrack that will play when someone watches their story. each sticker will display the song title and the name of the artist so that viewers can see what they’re listening to. and now a little news from linkedin. we don’t hear from them as often, but they have a few developments in store for us too. first up, qr codes have been added to linkedin. i don’t know if you’ve seen them yet, but now every profile has a personal qr code that’s automatically generated. so, whenever you meet a new business connection, instead of asking for a business card or asking them how to spell their name, you can just scan their qr code and connect with them on linkedin. plus, translations for foreign language posts in your feed are also a new part of linkedin. with this feature update, when you scroll through your feed and come across a post that’s written in a language that you don’t understand, you can just click on “see translation” to view the post in your language. right now, more than 60 different languages are supported, and they’re working on extending the list! so, that’s it for this episode of the socialrecap! don’t miss out on the latest trends & highlights in social media & digital marketing news. subscribe to the socialrecap on youtube for more inspiration, insights, and news! thanks for tuning in – see you next time!

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