How to and Why? How to Conquer the Spiciest Korean Fried Chicken — K-Town Toronto

//How to and Why? How to Conquer the Spiciest Korean Fried Chicken — K-Town Toronto

– i’m bawling my eyes out now.hey guys, we’re here in toronto and we’re here at buldak which also is called home of hot taste and they do various kinds of korean fried chicken from sweet and sour to spicy to who knows how spicy they can get. i’m gonna be joined by my cousins who are from toronto and they’re gonna come along on this spice adventure with me. (upbeat hip hop music) you know i don’t remember anything from my first trip in toronto except for the cn tower and the other thing was i actually bought, i kid you not, i bought a black kangol hat. – oh yeah. – like samuel l. – like samuel l. – yeah. always bring some friends or family to your fried chicken adventure. did you know that this guy’s a bodybuilder? – just a string. – don’t be modest. – i just power lift, i don’t bodybuild. – okay, you’re a powerlifter – powerlifter. – i’ve never heard of the difference. – we’re allowed to be fat. (laughing) – my other cousin, daniel. you’re a detective. – yeah. – so you put people behind bars. – when it’s needed, yeah. – yeah, you don’t wanna mess with either of these guys. that’s why i’m here, i feel very protected, i feel super secure right now, this is awesome. you always wanna have a little bit of beer. – that’s just. – that was a bad pour, that was a really weird, that was an american pour of beer.

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let’s try this again, the canadians are getting very mad about my pouring skills. cheers. ah, chicken and beer are like, maybe the most perfect combination of foods. – fried chicken and beer. – yes, fried chicken and beer, yes, i’m totally wrong, okay. – i think it’s more of a, after you go out for a night on the town and you know, you’re drinking some beer or whatever. – i can eat it anytime. – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. – yeah, fried chicken all day ya’ know. – [matt] i like your canada dry. – yeah, it’s pretty good, i’m just not drinking. – that’s cool, you gotta keep the powerlifting good. – you know, my body’s a temple. – okay, so you’ll just stuff it with fried chicken, yes. so we’re gonna do this in the order of hotness. we’re gonna start with the mild one and we’re just gonna ramp it up in spice until, what i guess in canada would be considered red hot spicy. and we’ll see how much, we’ll see who wins the battle of spice. you ready here? – no problem. – ’cause you said you have like this crazy spice tolerance. – oh yeah. (upbeat funk music) so i like to start with fried chicken ideally with no sauce. just ’cause like i think korean fried chicken has a very, very light batter, this is just my preferred way. it’s a nice way to gauge the quality and how well they fry their chicken. (chomping) – woo, hot! that’s good. juicy? – very juicy. – yeah, crispy, not too salty. – so we have this chicken, it’s good, it’s greasy, it’s fried, we need a little bit of a palate cleanser. this very lightly pickled korean daikon radish. mmmm. – [daniel] crunchy. we’re gonna go for the first level of sauciness which is their mild sweet and sour. that’s really saucy. – it’s like a nice hint of garlic to it. – mhm, you’re right. – very good palate, our family. – we like to eat, right? – oh yeah, oh yeah, we like to eat.

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(upbeat electronica music) okay, so we’re gonna move on, we’re gonna move up the spice level. we’re gonna go the regular sweet and sour. – [ron] thank you. – it looks a little more red, it looks a little more dangerous, a little more aggressive. (upbeat electronica music) – very sweet. – still sweet, yeah. – yeah. – i’m not getting too much kick from it. – no, i mean, it has a little more like gochujang in this. right, but gochujang, while it is sorta spicy, is not that spicy. – [ron] right. – it’s more sweet i think. yeah, i mean i think that when people think of korean fried chicken, they think of this bright, red, sweet, savory, slightly spicy chicken and they do a nice job here. (upbeat electronica music) – [ron] yup, definitely rampin’ up now. – this is actually kinda spicy. – startin’ to get a little kick. – yeah, this is, i, you know, on my range i give this like a four or five out of 10. – in terms of spiciness? – yeah. – yeah, about, about five. – you, you look like. – i’m starting to sweat a bit, yeah. – you look a little damp there. – yeah, like the heat is just, you know, it’s creeping on my mouth, it’s like, it’s coated, it’s not even like creeping towards the back, it’s just all up in the front right now. – i feel like i have sauce on my face. do i have sauce on my face? yum. – [cameraman] yes. – how bad is it? i’m also like, starting to cry. we still have one level though. (suspenseful electronica music) are you ready? – let’s do this. – powerlifting! – little flex on! – okay. – there’s another level? of spice? – yeah. – come on. – [ron] this is the super spice. – that’s what they say, that they said this is the red hot. it doesn’t look as red, it doesn’t look as sauced, but maybe it just needs less to be spicier. – true. (chomping) – i don’t know, my mind is like playing tricks on me.

– [daniel] yeah, me too. – i thought the other one was spicier. yeah, that was easy. (laughing) can we get another order of the really spicy ones? (siren echoing) – nah, you are not cleaning off your bones. – so is that your tip? – that’s my tip, yes. – thank you. – every gram of protein, right? – i’m sorry, i failed. (hip hop music) okay, i’m sorry but you’re gonna have to eat one more. we’re gonna have to go spicy. (hip hop music) it’s totally fine. – [ron] give it a minute. (intense blazing) (laughing) (coughing) – oh this is, this is almost. (fire blazing) oh wow. this, is the spiciest korean fried chicken i’ve ever had. (sighing) (growling) oh my goodness. can you pour faster please? (laughing) i’m bawling my eyes out now. (laughing) – oh my gosh, it’s just getting worse. my face is tingling right now, like it feels like it’s about to go numb. (upbeat electronica music) – okay, that one wasn’t as bad. – daniel, you won, you have the best spice tolerance. – i did say to her, can you make it as spicy as you possibly can to her? mwahahaha. – [cameraman] sorry, i’m not sorry. (electronica booming) – i’m gonna have the worst flight home tomorrow. (hip hop music) thank you so much for joining me on my show and eating this amazing fried chicken with me. i appreciate you guys as my cousins and my family, and if you guys wanna see more of k-town, click right here.

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