How to and Why? How to Calculate Your Calories And Macros For Weight Loss

//How to and Why? How to Calculate Your Calories And Macros For Weight Loss

what’s up busy professionals carlo macapinlac here from newbiefitnessacademy.comand in this video i’m gonna show you how to calculate your calories and macros if you want to lose weight. i mean this is probably the number one key to losing weight. you need to be in a caloric deficit. it’s as simple as that you can’t just freestyle your diet. i’ve tried it, it doesn’t work. as always, don’t forget to ‘like’ the video, hit that subscribe button, below we post a new video every week and make sure that you stick around until the end of the video because i’ve got some cool stuff for all the action takers out there. okay so you want to start by multiplying your body weight in pounds anywhere between 9 to 14. if you’re a male with an office job then you serve in the mid-range anywhere between 10 to 12. if you’re active and regularly workout then you’re in the upper range between 12 to 14. you know what? let me show you an easier way to do this. i’m gonna introduce you to one of the most powerful things in existence when it comes to calculating your calories and macros if you want to lose weight. it’s an app called myfitnesspal. again, being in a caloric deficit is probably the number one key to losing weight. you also need to have the right balance of percentages when it comes to your macros if you want to lose fat.

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you can eat all the healthy and i’m putting air quotes on the word healthy here and nutritious food on the planet and that’s important. but if you overdo it and it puts you in a caloric surplus, you’re not gonna lose weight, i promise. you can even overeat on vegetables especially if it’s the starchy kind. i know, right? i mean, look at those vegetables they look so happy but it doesn’t always mean that they’re good for you. you can’t outrun a bad diet either it doesn’t work like that. i mean, that’s not rocket science, right? you can’t just freestyle this stuff. you need to know your exact calorie deficit number and then you can just figure out your daily macros from there. so i’m gonna hop behind my iphone screen here and talk you through the steps on how to use myfitnesspal to calculate your calories and macros. you’re gonna be blown away how easy it is. all right here we are so first captain obvious here, you have to download the app. this process stays the same by the way whether you have an android or ios, so let’s go to the app store right now, hit the search button at the bottom right hand corner. hit the search box and type myfitnesspal scroll down a little bit and there it is don’t worry about the first one there it’s just an ad then hit ‘get’, just do a little confirmation and the app will start downloading. so once you have it downloaded, just click on the app to open it myfitnesspal is probably one of the most powerful tools when it comes to tracking your macros. the best part about it is it’s free. they actually have a paid version of the app but we’re not gonna worry about that. the free version is more than good enough to get the job done. listen, you can’t control what you can’t measure. if you don’t track what you eat, your diet is always gonna be a guessing game.

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okay so you can either sign up for a new account or you can log in if you already have an existing account. for the sake of this video, we’re gonna pretend that it’s your first time using the app so we’re gonna click on sign up and i’ll just walk you through this quickly. you can either sign up with an e-mail or use your facebook account. let’s go with the first option here. next, the app is gonna ask you about your fitness goal. i’m gonna assume that you’re looking to lose weight here so we’re gonna go with the first option. next, you’re gonna choose your activity level. i’m on my feet a lot so i’m gonna go with ‘active’. your daily calorie deficit budget will depend on this. just pick one that best suits your current situation. you can always change this later next you’re gonna pick your gender, your birthday, and where you live so we’re just gonna go ahead and do that. okay once you’re done, click the arrow on the top right hand corner. next, you’re gonna list your height, your current weight, and your target weight. now, this might be a reality check for some people especially if you haven’t weighed yourself in a while but hey, you gotta start somewhere right? just a quick tip here, to get your most accurate weight, you want to make sure that you weigh yourself first thing in the morning after doing your business in the bathroom. that way you’ll have a completely empty stomach. again, captain obvious here, you’ll also need a scale. now if you don’t have one handy and for the sake of following along this video you can just estimate how much you weigh and just change it later once you have a scale. let’s just say you’re 170 pounds next we’re gonna pick our target weight. say you want to lose 10 pounds so we’re gonna put a hundred and 60. next, you’re gonna pick your weekly goal.

it’s up to you how aggressive you want to be on this. the more aggressive you are, the less calories you have to eat for the day. so just be aware of that. i usually like going with the recommended one-pound a week. if you want to be more aggressive you can go one and a half. let’s actually look at what changing your weekly goals does to your calorie deficit number just so you have an idea of what you should be aiming for and what you should expect okay so you want to hit those three little dots at the bottom right hand corner. hit goals and right now i have it set at a default one pound per week and let’s quickly take a look at your calorie deficit number. so right now it’s at two thousand seventy calories which isn’t bad. you can definitely fit in a lot of food in that calorie budget. okay now let’s see what happens if we change it to one and a half pounds per week. hit back then hit diary again and there you go it changes it to 1820 calories which is surprisingly not that much less. okay now let’s see what happens if you’re really aggressive with this. let’s say you’re going to mexico in two weeks and you’re still holding on to your winter body. i don’t recommend this by the way but i just want you to have an idea of what crash dieting looks like. okay so let’s set our weekly goal to two pounds per week and let’s go back to our food diary and that gives us a whopping 1570 calories. that’s not a lot. if you want a general idea of what that looks like here’s a couple of examples: a cliff bar which is like an energy bar sold here in north america has 250 calories. if you’re living off of 1500 calories or so then that gives you six of these bars to eat for the day or a mcdonald’s big mac with fries and a coke and two cliff bars. you get the point. but that’s it. that’s all you get. most people eat that in one sitting, you’ll end up just inhaling air for dinner. one last note here you guys changing your activity level right here also affects your calorie deficit number so just make sure that you pick the right one that best suits your current situation. okay let’s finish signing up here, you’re gonna enter your email address and a password along with a username. once you have all that taken care of, you’re gonna need to open up your email and verify your account and once you do all that, you can finally use your login information and you’re gonna end up on this page. this is your home feed. by the way, a faster way of signing up is just using your facebook account to sign in. either way works. now, based on all the personal information that i gave myfitnesspal when i signed up, i have two thousand two hundred thirty calories that i can spend throughout the day. your number will most likely be different. it might be more or it might be less whatever it is, think of this number as your diet currency. it’s your daily calorie intake and macros for weight loss. how much easier was that instead of doing it manually? it just takes a couple of clicks to change your numbers and myfitnesspal takes care of the rest your job moving forward is to simply stay under your daily calorie deficit budget if you want to lose weight which means that if you blow your entire budget for lunch because you crushed an entire pizza, then anything that you eat on top of that will put you in a caloric surplus which probably means you’ll just have to drink water and go to sleep for dinner. you know what i mean? like, you have to be sensible about this. maybe you can have a slice or two so you can live a little. you can definitely fit that easily in your daily calorie budget and hey if you want to discover a way on how to get the body you want while still eating whatever you want then i highly recommend that you stay until the end of this video now as a general guideline you want to aim for a 40/30/30 split for your daily calorie budget when you’re just starting out. 40% fat, 30% carbs, and 30% protein. the carbs and fat percentages are interchangeable depending if you want to be on a high fat or high carb diet. it’s up to you. i personally recommend going on a high fat low carb diet especially if you have more weight to lose. the less carbs you eat, the faster it’ll be for your body to start using your own fat as a source of fuel. because you’ve got to remember, glucose is your body’s preferred source of energy. it’s a quick hit of fuel and you get it from eating carbs and sugar. so far so good, right? not so fast. the problem is if glucose is present in your blood, your body can’t access your own fat as a source of energy. it just can’t. and that’s how you would normally lose weight, right? you have to use your own body fat as a source of energy. so if you’re on a high carb diet and you always have glucose running in your blood, you’re not going to lose weight. the type of calories that you’re putting in your body matters whether it’s coming from fat or carbs. i mean what do you think is more satiating to eat for breakfast? eggs and bacon or oatmeal? i’d probably go with the first one there. that’s why i prefer going high fat and low carb. i mean who doesn’t like a diet where you get to eat steak, eggs, bacon, and butter regularly? and no, eating fat won’t make you fat. that’s like one of the biggest nutrition myths of all time. there’s a lot of research out there that a diet high in saturated fat, or animal fat is actually good for you. but that’s another topic on its own. by the way if you want to see where you’re at with your percentages once you’ve logged in your food, just hit your daily calorie budget and it’ll pull up all your numbers. here’s mine. as i mentioned earlier, i like being on a high-fat diet so i’m at 51 percent fat, 26 percent protein, and 23 percent carbs. in a perfect world that carb percentage should be below 20 percent but hey you have to live a little. you can also see my goal percentages right beside my numbers i’ve got them at 50, 25, and 25 and if you want to know where to change those numbers, just hit that ‘x’ button, hit more, then hit goals. go to nutrition goals and you can pick ‘calorie carbs protein and fat goals’ right there. just hit any one of those macronutrients and it’ll pull up your goal percentages and you can simply adjust these levers. i have it set at 50% fat, again you wanna go high fat, 25% carbs so you can live a little, and 25% protein. you can play around with this a little bit as long as your numbers hit 100% and hit the checkmark once you’re done easy peasy, right? okay i want to show you one last thing here. i want you to head over to the food diary tab just to the left of the plus sign at the bottom of the page. this is myfitnesspal’s most powerful tool. it’s an extensive library of anything and everything on the planet that you can think of when it comes to food. all you have to do is search for the food that you’re about to eat either by typing it on the search bar or scanning the food packaging’s barcode. set the right serving size and myfitnesspal will have the corresponding macro nutrients or macros for short for that specific food. your job is to log in all your meals throughout the day and as mentioned earlier stay under your daily calorie budget and stay as close to your macronutrient percentages as much as possible. i’m gonna have a link at the end of the video to one of my tutorials on how to use myfitnesspal to track your macros if you want a more detailed explanation about this especially when it comes to logging in your food. so there you have it guys a painfully easy way to calculate your calories and macros without going crazy now, i’m all about making tiny little changes in my life that add up to big results over time. what i’ve learned is that you can’t just go from zero to 100 miles an hour on this. you have to make small changes that you can live with. now if you guys want diet hacks that you can easily apply to your daily routine, you can download my free ultimate diet hack cheat sheet where i reveal nine quick ways to mindlessly hack your diet think of the cheat sheet as jedi mind-trick to your diet. they’re so effective it almost feels like you’re cheating. you’re gonna learn about things like the 20% rule, becoming a repackaging master and other cool stuff. you can get access to it by clicking on the link just below this video. now, if you’re ready to take it a step further i’m gonna give you the exact blueprint that i followed in my personal fitness journey aptly called the no diet diet – how to get the body you want while still eating whatever you want. yes there is a way to get your dream body without giving up your favourite. myself and all of my students around the world are living proof of the no diet diet. i mean, who likes to go on a boring diet anyway? you can get access to it by clicking on the link just below this video or you can go directly on amazon and just type the no diet diet on the search bar and there it is. and if you enjoyed this video then the book will blow your mind. alright that’s all i’ve got, keep being awesome. don’t forget to download my free cheat sheet give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. hit that subscribe button below, we post a new video every week and you don’t want to miss it. leave a question in the comment section. i’m gonna hop in like a bunny and give some love while i’m there. see ya

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