Advice for Me – Building My DREAM IKEA HOMESCHOOL BOOKSHELVES 😍 | Homeschooling Mom Vlogs

//Advice for Me – Building My DREAM IKEA HOMESCHOOL BOOKSHELVES 😍 | Homeschooling Mom Vlogs

– [ jamerrill] are you eating some cheese?you got yoghurt on your face and you’re feeding yourself your cheese and you got your little bites. i bet you like some waffle bites this morning,huh? you can have some waffle bites. (kid whistling) happy saturday afternoon friends. you guys busy? – aha, aha – [woman] what are you making a helicopter? – i’m making the helicopter park. – [woman] a helicopter park that sounds like fun. every boy needs a helicopter park so guys we are rolling into saturday afternoon trevous and zion have gone out because you know how i just got that my new dream refrigerator to replace my other one that’s going in the garage and all that. anyway my oven went. if we have to replace the the wall oven that’s fine but i really i was holding out i want to do double ovens. and i don’t want to do with double ovens until i do something different with my kitchen. you know things stack up on one another. so trevous and zion took my old oven apart and it looks like it’s possibly just the fuse in the oven, cause the last time i used it i had it on it was like a three or four hour self-cleaning cycle. and you know my ovens get dirty. so they have gone out to get a new fuse so what soft for a water filter those kind of air conditioner filters so i’m giving you the whole list.

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they’ve gone out to do that. and naomi and gabriel are working on their bedrooms right now. hi sweetie cause grandmother is on her way. so the other project that trevous and zion are gonna get started on are our new ikea bookshelf. so hopefully i will be able to give you some glimpses of that this weekend. i’m gonna go now. some of my gardens are getting out of control with some weeds we’ve had so much rain. we’re gonna do some weed pulling, bookshelf buildings, helicopter house making and there’s oh and then i have one of my good friends is coming over. and she’s just gonna hang out and sit with me on my porch and we’re gonna just chill and have some mom chatting this afternoon. so happy saturday. in this garden we had some of this grass transferred around over here this pampas grass. but you can see where i’ve got some things coming up. so i’m gonna gothrough and get those up now. okay you may not be able to tell, but i have been pulling a bunch of stuff from here. i’m gonna move on to the front of the house now. so here’s how it looks after i atleast got the roaming grass and such out of the rocks lots of little things growing that shouldn’t be growing. this part of the garden is just getting taken over by so many little things growing up and look stuff even growing up the front of my porch that should not be there. so it’s a pretty big weeding project but gonna do it. so daniel and i sit down sit down let’s show our friends what we found. whoo great big – whooh – great big frog whoo. what we do when we find different little wild animals is they might visit in a bucket for a bit and then we let them go happy saturday frog. such an invasive climbing mess back there so gonna get all that out now. so i had to take for a break for a few minutes to get the oven serial part numbers and such for trevous and zion and then i got sitting for a minute and then i answered a message for my friend.

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she’s actually almost here. so gonna have to stop my gardening from now. it sounds this sounds so silly because during different seasons i’ve been such an avid gardener but i have so much weeding and work to do. i had landscapers come in april and i haven’t touched it since then. and i can tell i think i may end up having to do like a whole vlog on me getting these gardens back together. it might have to happen. i don’t know today we shall see how the vlog goes if i’ll be able to get to it or not but i want to show you the state of my kitchen right now. yeah so right now we got tools we got an oven we got the shelving got the oven door we’ve just got it all torn up. so quick early saturday evening check in our friend stay for about two and a half three hours. now you was fine. i was fine but then mama wasn’t looking at me so i’ve got a lodge a complaint. anyway our friends stayed for a couple hours trevous and zion are back there working on those shelves yay. and i am working on grill and we had to frost at 10 pounds of chicken day before yesterday i think. it has just been hanging out in the refrigerator. so we’re gonna grill that chicken up tonight i’m just gonna show you what i’m putting on the grill. so i washed this chicken and we flipped it in some olive oil i did salt and pepper on one side flipped it over gonna put salt and pepper on this side and then get it on the grill. and i also have a watermelon i’m gonna chop up. and we still have a few strawberries left from last night and some grapes. so that sounds like it’s gonna be dinner. so here is how our chicken is working out i’m still waiting for 3 more pieces to reach the right temperature and then we will be throwing dinner together. several of the kids are already eating but here’s an example of gabriel’s plate.

he’s got his grapes and strawberries and salad and chicken. so i just realized these bookshelves are coming together and i better show you guys what’s happening. so yeah our laundry overflows in baskets into this room. those are the shelves coming together. boxes of other things. if you haven’t seen it yet, i will pop up a card here for you to see my first ever trip to ikea where we bought these billy bookshelves. and you can see we have some height room. so we have eight-foot ceilings and these shelves are gonna be just a little under 7 foot. so that will be really nice though cause it’s gonna give me like a nice tall shelf on the top. does that make sense? yes. i can still use the top to put things. at first i thought that they would be taller and then we would remove the crown molding around the front and kind of make them look like built-ins we may be doing that with the molding along the floor but we’re not taking them all the way to the ceiling which it’s all still fine just get my shelves upright yeah. so guys i am taking home benjamin here to get him cleaned up but here’s how they’re coming. all of my hopes and dreams. trevous said all of them i said well all of my bookshelf up is hopes and dreams. we’re gonna put got a bracket to do a corner one down there. i can’t point because i don’t have another hand right now but this is the progress. there’s some other ones that are gonna end up coming in this area. good morning guys. it is well it’s actually sunday afternoon now but trevous is going to do waffles for the kids and such with this bisquick. and i actually got this paleo approved pancake and waffle mix at costco the other day and i’ll show you on the back here if you’re watching carbs etc. so 16 grams of carbs and then of course you subtract the fiber so that’s 11 carbs for every two to three pancakes. so that falls within even trim healthy mama approved limits there. there’s no added sugar and yeah so i’m going to try this out for myself today. it was a i believe about 14 dollars for this 42 ounce pouch i’m gonna give it a go. another thing for trevous to look at are lights not coming on in here but i’ll show you in the dark how far they got last night. so this is the new secretary desk that i got and again this is going to be replacing this area over here. this was never intended to be a workspace but over the last two years jayden has just set up shop and worked there. so i wanted to get this for him to store his stuff and plus it’ll go with the white bookshelves and i’ll be doing something else with that cabinet. and then over here you can see and trevous and zion were up until i don’t know 12:30 or 1:00 i think i mean very late working on the shelves and even though i say that they appear to have been i’m gonna say fairly easy they may not agree but it was easy for me because i was in bed eating halotop and watching house hunters. how do you like that? so here’s how the shelves are looking now they and these two shelves are out in the middle. of course nothing is attached to the walls yet. everything came with and ikea gives you safety materials to attach things to the walls and everything especially with young children. so this is showing four one two three four of the big shelves and then these two narrow shelves. trevous wants me to play with it of course and commit before we attach them. anyway that’s how things are coming along and we’ll just we’re going to pick at this a little more this afternoon but i will have another vlog coming out just totally dedicated to like the big reveal with all my books. because i have a mountain of books in boxes in my garage also. so yeah it’s going to be lots of fun and i’ll show you ikea confessions this thing is my silly impulse buy. it is this little shelf bracket. and it goes in this style shelving. and when i saw it, excuse the chip nail polish so when i saw it in the self-serve warehouse where you pick things up, i was like oh it’ll look so beautiful but i was you know heat of the moment i wasn’t thinking that silly girl it’s too long for this the billie’s that i got. so i think i got four of them and they were ten or so dollars each. so that gives me another reason another excuse to go back to ikea hopefully this summer. and i’ll take those back. so these baskets i got four of them they do actually stick out a bit but i think i’ll be able to get away with that. they may have to end up going along the bottom shelf i’m not sure but i saw them and i liked them and i think those i can get away with. these smaller baskets work lovely and then i was just setting plants on here to show you how lovely those look against the white. here is one of our potpie freezer meals i just got out of the oven for the family tonight. i’m gonna go make myself a low-carb option haha but i turned out pretty well looks like some of the filling came out on top of part of the pie crust just must have shifted in freezing who knows but we will still eat it and it’ll still be lovely. and here’s gabriel’s dinner plate he’s got some salad and pot pie so we also i gave all the kids salad with theirs and they’re still on the first plate. they haven’t asked for seconds or yet but this is one of those believe it was like a 13 by 15 or so. it’s one of my larger glass casserole dishes and i’m often asked you know how many of these it takes to feed our family. both of our teen boys have been gone for the day and the five kids ages 11 and under who are eating will probably each one a little bit more and they’ll probably want some more salad. so we will have very few leftovers from this i had a very small sampling trevous had a small sample and we’re actually gonna eat something else in a salad tonight. but one of these big casserole pans is pretty much what we need for dinner. so guys really quick really quick cause we got a lot going on right now but here are the shelves they are all secured to the wall and while i was doing some grilling trevous and the kids got all the shelves on, i’ll try to stand back to show you better. don’t those look good? i am so excited. i’m sure we’ll be getting to those other ones tomorrow. are these the books you picked danielle? – which one is a snake one – that is a snake book. we’ve got slither snake. and then what other books do we have we have sammy the seal and then we have the sneetches. but one little seal was not happy. he sat by himself. he looks sad. "what is wrong sammy?" said mr. johnson okay friends we have one more book of stories left we’re going to read the sneetches anyway camera battery is a flash in and we’ve got our week jumping into our monday in the morning. so amelia just say good night friends. – good night friends. – bye friends . – say good night friends. – good night friends. – we gonna read stories. – we gonna read stories. – bye bye. – bye bye.

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