Law Advice: Get Law Advice from Expert Paul Bergman

//Law Advice: Get Law Advice from Expert Paul Bergman

Professor of Law Emeritus, UCLA School of Law


  • B.A., UCLA 1965
  • J.D., UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall) 1968


  • American Trial Lawyers Association Jacobsen Award for Excellence in
  • Teaching Trial Advocacy (1988).
  • University Distinguished Teaching Award (1992)
  • UCLA Continuing Education Distinguished Teaching Award (2006)


The Courtroom Goes to the Movies (partial list): Numerous presentations on TV and radio, including The Today Show (NBC) and Burden of Proof (CNN). Presentations to groups of lawyers and judges include: the 8th Federal Circuit Judicial Conference; the American Bar Association; the L. A. County Bar Asso.; Annual Meetings of California and New York State Court Judges; Annual Meetings of the Utah and New Mexico Bar Associations; the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA); the American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL); the California Retired Judges Association; the San Francisco Intellectual Property Lawyers Association; the UCLA Emeriti Faculty; the UCLA Entertainment Law Symposium; the Women Law Judges Association; the Pacific Northwest Judicial Conference; the Inner Circle of Advocates; the Fordham Law School Law Film Festival and numerous law firm "retreats." I have also given presentations at national and international meetings of law professors and to students and faculty at many law schools (including UCLA, Pepperdine, Fordham and Cardozo law schools) and to many community groups, and I have hosted a law-related film series at the Santa Monica Public Library.


  • Reel Justice: The Courtroom Goes to the Movies (with Asimow)- Andrews & McMeel, (2d edition 2006; 1st edition 1996; Chinese language edition 2003).
  • Evidence Law and Practice (with Friedland and Taslitz)- LexisNexis, 3ded. 2007.
  • Trial Advocacy in a Nutshell- West Publishing Company, 4th Ed. 2007.
  • Lawyers as Counselors: A Client Centered Approach (with Binder, Price & Tremblay)- West Publishing Company, 2nd ed. 2004.
  • Represent Yourself in Court (with Berman-Barrett)- Nolo Press, 6th ed. 2007 (524 pp).
  • The Criminal Law Handbook (with Berman-Barrett)- Nolo Press, 10th ed. 2008 (approx. 620 pp).
  • Nolo’s Deposition Handbook (with Moore)- Nolo Press 3d ed. 2006 (366 pp).
  • Trial Advocacy: Inferences, Arguments, Techniques (with Moore and Binder)- West Publishing Co., 1996.
  • Deposition Questioning Strategies and Techniques (with Moore and Binder), West Group 2001.
  • Fact Investigation: From Hypothesis to Proof (with Binder)- West Group 1984.
  • Transcript Exercises for Learning Evidence- West Group 1992.

Selected Articles and Book Chapters:

Emergency! Send a TV Show to Rescue Paramedic Services, 36 Univ. of Baltimore L. Rev. 347 (2007). (Earlier draft appeared in Current Legal Issues 2004, Oxford University Press) (Also the article was named "one of the best articles in the fields of entertainment, publishing and the arts of 2007" and has been separately published in the Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts Handbook 2008-2009.

Chapter, I Am Going With a Man by the Name of Hillmon (with Wesson) in Trial Stories (Tigar and Davis eds, 2008)

Book Review:Elayne Rapping, Law and Justice as Seen on TV," 55 J. Leg. Ed. 268 (2005).

"The Movie Lawyers’ Guide to Redemptive Law Practice," in Lawyers’ Ethics and the Pursuit of Social Justice. (Susan D. Carle ed, NYU Press 2005); first appeared in 48 U.C.L.A. L. Rev. 1393 (2001).

"Teaching Evidence the Reel Way," 21 Quinnipiac L. R. 973 (2003)

"Taking Lawyering Skills Training Seriously," 10 Clin. L. Rev. 191 (2003)(with Binder)

"Reflections on US Clinical Education," 10 Internat’l J. of the Legal Profession 109 (2003)

"A Bunch of Circumstantial Evidence," 30 U.S.F. L. Rev. 985 (1996)

"Pranks for the Memory," 30 U.S.F. L. Rev. 1235 (1996).

"The War Between the States (of Mind): Oral Versus Textual Reasoning," 40 Arkansas Law Rev. 505-544 (1987) [also appeared in condensed versions in 37 Law Review Digest 32-33 (1988), (this publication selects a few articles each quarter for inclusion); and in Vol. 11 No. 1 of the UCLA Law School Magazine (pp. 5-9)(1987)

"Ambiguity: The Hidden Hearsay Danger Almost Nobody Talks About," 75 Kentucky Law Journal 841-83 (1987)

"Learning from Experience: Non-Legally Specific Role Plays," with Burridge, Sherr. 38 Journal of Legal Education 535-53 (1987)

"Lawyers as Counsellors: A Client-Centered Approach," 35 N.Y. Law School Law Rev. 29-86 (1990)

"Mistrial By Likelihood Ratio: Bayesian Analysis Meets the F-Word," with Moore. 13 Cardozo L. Rev. 589-619(l991)

"Admonishing Jurors To Disregard What They Haven’t Heard," 25 Loy. (L.A.) L. Rev. 689-697 (l992)

"2010: A Clinical Odyssey," 1992 BYU L. Rev. 349-357 (l992)

"Of Bentham, Wigmore and Little Bo Peep: Where Evidence Lost Its Way, and a Map for Scholars to Find It," 66 Notre Dame Law Rev. 949-964 (1991)

"Is That a Fact? Argument in Problem-Solving Negotiations," 1 International Journal of the Legal Profession 83 (l994)

"A Practical Approach to Cross-Examination: Safety First," 25 UCLA Law Rev. 547-576 (1978)

"The Consumer Protection Clinical Course at UCLA School of Law," 29 Journal of Legal Education 352-69 (1978)

"Class Action Lawyers: Fools for Clients?" 4 American Journal Tr. Adv. 243-275 (Fall 1980)

Review of Lowenthal, "A General Theory of Negotiation Process, Strategy, and Behavior," 31 University of Kansas Law Rev. 1982; Clinical Section Newsletter, 2 pp. (1983)

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