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By Mary Bachert - Listen to a message from Mary

Find out why experts nationwide are calling Mia Bella’s Candles the finest performing candle in history and the “Best home based business opportunity of the decade!”

Greetings! My name is Mary Bachert, married to Dan for 35 years. I am an LPN, and was working full time in a group home with mentally and physically challenged adults, when I suffered a workplace injury. Unable to return to my job due to my disability, I started looking for a home-based business. It had to be something that would not mar our testimony in any way, because we are both born-again Christians. Our faith means a lot to us, so we wanted a company with integrity and values.

While I was online one day, I received a Budgeting Newsletter, and in it they totally recommended a candle business that they had checked out and totally recommended. To this day, we are so thankful that someone who cared so much, to share this business with us. We went and met the owners, and management team of Scent-Sations, and immediately felt an atmosphere of professionalism and unity amongst them. The thing that impressed me the most was that they were just so down to earth. There wasn’t that feeling that they were superior to us, nor was there that hype that we had seen with other companies. They wanted us to know that their mission is to provide an opportunity for a better life through unique, high-quality products, excellent compensation and business integrity.

I have been with the company for almost 2 years, and it is based around our family! Our grandchildren help us make up scent samples, put labels on the little baggies, hand out flyers, suggest different ideas for fundraisers, etc. How awesome it is to watch their faces, as they try to find their favorite scents, from sugar cookie to cotton candy, and all the others in between. My husband helps me with craft shows, open houses and more. He loves putting a candle under peoples’ noses, and asking them if they have ever smelled a Mia Bella. He knows that once they smell it, they want it!

The superior quality of the Mia Bella Candles is unbelievable! Tired of that black stuffaround your jars and on your ceiling and carpet? These candles are made from natural vegetable wax, so that they burn practically soot-free, leaving no black residue! Cotton double wicks give maximum burn time and scent! (It’s the same great scent from top to bottom, which creates a long lasting candle). These Gourmet Candles are triple scented from top to bottom, and are available in over 90 awesome scents and smell exactly as the label says. They even wash up with hot soapy water! This is the healthier alternative that I was looking for! I also love their Gourmet Bath and Body products.
There is no experience necessary. However, we are looking for ambitious, self motivated achievers that are serious about starting and succeeding in their own business. We want you to realize that it takes effort and dedication to be successful, and should be viewed as a 5 year business plan.
Selling Methods
Retail, Wholesale, Fundraising, Residual, Open Houses, Craft Shows, Home Parties, Book Parties, Office Sales, and coming soon—Online parties.
Start-Up Costs

Join the Candle of the Month, (COTM) for $39.95 per month which includes the newest scent of the month in a 16 oz. Jar Candle, 12 votives, a Bella Soy Bar of soap, and a free company ecommerce website.

Training and Sales Support
All our training is free! We have a step by step “Roadmap to Success” training manual, online discussion groups, weekly coaching calls, conference calls, partnership agreement, printed training materials for successful home parties, profiting through fundraisers, using the internet to build your business, and more.
Bonuses or Incentives
Each time a distributor whom you personally sponsored, purchases a Fast Start Pack you will earn a $50 bonus in addition to the 10% of the Fast Start Commissionable Volume! Reaching Senior and Platinum director will give you 2 shares in the bonus pool.

There are no monthly quotas, sales or contracts with Mia Bella.

All that you need to do is join the “Candle of the Month” club and maintain your candle of the month cost each month. It can be discontinued at any time.


Distributors can literally double their money on each retail sale, so the impact of selling candles for many people has been dramatic.

Compensation pays on 8 levels

When you build a business organization by sponsoring others into the program you can earn 5-10% of the commissionable sales volume of all the Candle of the Month Program and Associate distributors in that organization. This plan was designed to benefit both the part-time and full-time distributor. That is why the larger commission is at both the 1st and 6th levels. You can earn residual income based on the retail sales of your entire organization!

For more info:

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Contact Information

Mary Bachert
Independent Candle Consultant
Phone: 519-522-1269

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