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Does your family always come first?

Does your family always come first? Well this can be a tricky question. Juggling your professional life and your family life can be quite a balancing act. Many of you who read this article will start thinking straight away where you stand and where your family stands. The answer to this, you should know by now.

About family life

Family Life Today: Bizymoms provides useful information and resources about money management, parenting and activity ideas to improve your family life today.

Find balance by spending quality time with your loved ones
What is quality time? Well different people might have different opinions regarding the matter. We live life on a time space continuum, how we live our life and how we spend our time depends on who we are and how we want to live our life. Many of us take for granted a day, an hour, a minute or even a second. It might seem hard to count for every second we live but don't we take time for granted?

This brings me to the topic "spending quality time", how would you like to spend your time? Well correct me if I'm wrong but most would like to just relax and have a nice time, to have fun and just spend time in an enjoyable way. But the real question still remains, what is quality time? And how can we spend quality time?  Read More
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Did you know you spend about 90% of your day on autopilot with you undertaking most tasks at an unconscious level? If you doubt that, ask yourself these questions. When you eat are you thinking at a conscious level about swallowing? Do you stop to think which side of the bed to get... Often, we all have one or two areas in our life where our hearts feel heavy. This could be any area which is important to you. Your heart could feel heavy with regards to relationships, finances, career or perhaps family issues....
When you choose cheap holiday deals, you can travel to your favorite destination with the whole family on a budget. Take note that the emphasis of this trip is to spend good times with the family. If you have little budget yourself, you can follow the suggestions on how you can treat the entire family... The transition from summertime to a new school year can be stressful for the entire family. The added stress and change in routine can leave you feeling out of balance. When that happens you may notice you arenít sleeping as well and if your diet changes you may notice digestion issues and...
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