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Five Fun Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Many expectant couples today want to move away from the traditional baby shower theme where everyone brings them a baby gift off their registry. From co-ed to spa themed showers there are so many great ideas if you’re planning a baby shower for someone special.  Here are Itsabelly’s favorites:

Eco-friendly Baby Shower
A "green baby" shower.  The hostess asks the guests to bring baby or mama products that are organic, recycled or made out of natural materials as shower gifts.  The party is decorated with eco-friendly decorations like fresh flowers or plants instead of paper products.  Food is made out of organic ingredients.   

Tea Party Shower
Serve different flavored teas with finger foods. Use a low table where everyone can slip off their shoes and sit together on the floor comfortably. Decorate with beautiful flowers.

Kid Friendly Baby Shower
Why not let the little ones in on the fun! This shower is full of monkey business -- ideal for families with siblings eagerly awaiting their kid sister or brother. Kid-friendly food and decor make it a festive time for everyone.

Deep freeze
You can ask guests to bring a cooked, freezable meal for the parents-to-be's freezer, for them to eat after the baby arrives.  Or the hostess can have the parents-to-be choose 3 recipes that they like to eat and ask each guest to bring 1-2 ingredients so that everyone can help make the recipe and freeze them during the shower for the family to eat after baby arrives.

Books for the baby
You can host a "book" shower with a fairy tale/garden party theme for baby. The hostess can ask each guest to bring a favorite book.  Guests will most likely bring board books, classic books, bedtime books, and storybooks. Some guests may also bring a stuffed animal to match the book. It's a great way to start your baby's library!

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