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Becoming A Personal Chef

Are you a good cook? Can you dish up just about any type of cuisine and make mouth watering delicacies that are adored by family and friends alike? Have you a passion for cooking, making that perfect dish that simply leaves no room for complains?

Have you taken a few cooking lessons or maybe a qualifying course for a personal chef? Better yet, do you have years of experience in your own kitchen, and enough references amongst family and friends to back up your talent?

Then here is a great career opportunity for you! Become a ‘personal chef’, have a career in what you simply love to do… Yes, that would be ‘cooking’ up scrumptious meals for others. Now, isn’t that a career with a twist? An interesting, exciting twist! But does it make you wonder how successful it would be? Rest assured it is one of the ‘hip’ jobs out in the market today. The opportunities are endless and the demand is increasing daily.

Why? Simply because many families are too busy to cook their own meals due to both parents being occupied in the corporate world. And also because people are more concerned about having a balanced, ‘home cooked’ healthy meal and are trying to drift away from the ‘fast food’ culture. And this is why having your own ‘Personal Chef’ at home culture has evolved into a career path with a lot of potential for those who are well versed in the kitchen.

So if you are a natural cook, then I suggest you consider this wonderful career path. To further eliminate your doubts, read on to learn the opportunities and advantages and this field has in store for you.

Who - Your potential clientele would be people too busy to cook themselves or cannot be bothered with the hassle of the whole process. Your customers may range from career oriented, corporate couples to large families having many kids, or prominent families in society who host many social events or even home based moms who are not too fond of cooking.

Many people prefer the hassle of seeking out catering services over having their own personal chef who will take care of all their social events along with their day to day cooking. The simplicity of the arrangement and the convenience it brings has increased the client base for ‘personal chef’ services in today’s society.

What - Your job criteria may range from preparing day to day family meals to gourmet meals for house parties such as birthday dinners, anniversary spreads, tea parties, breakfast buffets or even corporate luncheons. Yes, it is a job with variety where you can use not just your cooking skills, but your organization capabilities, management skills as well as creative abilities into practice, planning out unique presentations of aromatically favored delicacies that will create a lasting impression on the host and the guests alike.

How – To enter this career path is easy. It requires almost no over-heads, as you will be working in other peoples kitchens, where all utensils and material is provided for. It would be an advantage to have a vehicle of your own, for traveling from one job to another.

You can promote yourself by joining business networking clubs such as, or where you can place an add emphasizing the services you offer. You can also benefit a lot through word-of-mouth advertising. If you are great with your dishes, your first clients will promote you on their own!!!

Hours - The best thing about choosing a career as a ‘personal chef’ is you can work flexible hours, doing either part time or full time work. Based on how much you plan to earn, and how much of your personal time you don’t mind sacrificing, you can work out a schedule that best suites you. Initially you might have to compromise a bit, doing hours more convenient for the clients than you, but once you establish a name for yourself, this can change.

Rates - Wages for personal chefs may vary based on the type of job. If you are cooking regular meals for a couple the rates can be worked out on a monthly basis, but if you are working for a family that may have many social events (parties etc.) you may need to charge per job or workout a more convenient method that is advantages to both parties. Do a bit of research on the on going rates and quote yours. Try to keep abreast with the market requirements in order to be competent.

Concerns - Also remember to have a lengthy discussion with a potential client before you take up a job. During this first meeting, work out all doubts, and learn exactly what they expect of you. Inquire about their food habits, their likings and dislikings, the type of meals they expect of you and the type of ingredients they prefer. Some people only prefer organic meats and vegetables, where as others are not too particular. Most clients may require you to do the shopping too (as this is very convenient for both parties), so it is important to learn the brands they use, special preferences and other minor details which may be important to them.

Some clients may be very particular about fats, calories and carbs involved in the meals you prepare. So it is good to do some home work on calculating calorie content of the food you cook. Read and for inspiration.

Management – You may require some basic management skills to work out your schedules and expenses. Although it may seem like a ‘salaried’ job, a personal chef service is actually a home business. You are your own boss and you will be responsible for the profits you earn. So it is good to be organized! Give extra emphasis to time management, book keeping, traveling arrangements and of cause event planning for special assignments such as birthdays, corporate dinners and other party spreads.

In conclusion, a job as a personal chef holds nothing but rewards for someone who loves to cook!!! So go ahead and take up this new, unique career path, and reap the many rewards it promises…

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