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Becoming A Menu Planner

Prior to giving you information on the ropes of the business and various other details about the business, it is important to glance at the exact description of the menu planner business.

Looking at a household example, everyone knows that, mealtime can be a stressful time for the cook / mom in the family.  On a daily basis, you run to the grocery store and spend thirty minutes trying to find something to fix for dinner.  Not only is it time consuming, it is also expensive.

However, and attractively, a menu planning service takes the guesswork out of family meals.  With comprehensive shopping lists, recipes, and organizational tips, dinner and even breakfast and lunch can be fast and easy.  People who want to eat a healthier diet also benefit from menu planning services that let them know exactly what ingredients to use. 

With that information in mind, let’s now look at the process of starting this business. Initially, it’s important that, you learn all you can about the science of food preparation and nutrition.  You don’t need to be a registered dietician or a nutritionist, but you do need to know about cooking since you will be offering menus for different categories of meals. 

Your cause will be easier, if you created a short questionnaire that asks about meals.  Give it out to family and friends.  This will give you an idea of their frustrations about meal planning, preparation, and the foods they eat. 

Now, with that information in hand, you are ready to create your menus.  Decide what type of menus to offer with your menu planning service.  For those that use your service, make sure you provide new menus each month for them to use for variety in the meals and customer loyalty benefits. 

Now, let’s look at the financial aspect of the business. Firstly, for this business, you will need a website for your business.  With a website, the menus are accessible to people in every corner of the world.  Website building, hosting, and domain name registration costs between $100 and $200. 

The home office is where you will talk to clients in person and over the telephone.  The office needs a computer with Internet access and a software package, printer, fax machine, telephone with headset, and a copier.  Cookbooks, nutrition texts, and food information will also be needed in your home office.  Along with advertising, count on spending $2,000 to $3,000.  However, you may already have the bulk of the equipment you need, such as computer and internet access. 

With regard to the skills needed, paying attention to detail is important.  Customers want to simplify the process of making meals so you must think along this vein as well.  Continually educate yourself about food preparation, food science, and new recipes. 

Finally, the most important aspect of your business lies in marketing to get your business to kick off, so talk to family and friends.  Try out the sample menus on them.  Give them a shopping list and see how it works.  They will be your test market group.  Take any suggestions they have for improving your menus. 

Advertise in food magazines, bulletin boards, daycare centers, and the telephone directory.  You can perform demonstrations on video and advertise on YouTube.  Post food articles on content websites and provide links to your website.

Meal planning is something all families have to deal with.  Planning ahead can save time and money.  Also, families can enjoy new and exciting meals each week with your service.

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