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How To Market Your Catering Business

Do you love the rewards of cooking up various dishes for a party and presenting them in a very unique feast? Do you have experience in cooking large quantities and don’t mind the extra hassle required for the task? If you are someone with drive, inner strength and of course a love for the culinary arts, then you have a great career path in catering.

Yes, catering!!! Become a caterer today and join the world of culinary delights. If you possess superb time management skills, PR skills and some administrative capabilities, then you are a winner in this field. It is a very profitable trade as any other job in the food industry.

With the fast moving world, the potential job market for such service oriented businesses will never diminish, as people get busier and busier, making them seek out quick, convenient solutions for their day to day tasks. Catering is one such solution to organize any special event with much more convenience than in the past. All worries such as planning the menu, presenting the meal, crockery and cutlery, cleaning up and all other food related arrangements are taken care of, leaving you with ample time for sorting guest lists and other minor tasks.

Catering can be a challenging and exciting job, holding a lot of potential as a career path. You can start off your catering business with small functions such as birthday parties, office luncheons, private home parties, thanksgiving dinners, Christmas feasts and move onto bigger events such as wedding receptions, charity banquets and even large, corporate conferences, creating a popular name for you in the business.

There are no limitations to what you can achieve in this vocation that holds so much potential, as long as you realize the breathe and depth of the work involved. Any social function of whatever scale requires meticulous planning and organizing. Culinary skills alone may not get you far in this field. But don’t be disheartened, especially if you are not too fond of administrative and book keeping work. You can always hire somebody to help you out with that particular aspect of the business. Starting the business on a partnership with a friend or colleague with management skills is a good idea too. It will create a good balance between each other’s skills; you provide the food, while your partner takes care of the tedious book keeping.

Catering is one of the highest growing sectors in the restaurant industry. Either as part time or as full time, the opportunities are excellent. It is up to you to decide how much of your time you want to spend on your business. However, catering can be demanding work that will require a lot of stamina and inner strength. You should also possess the ability to work under pressure. As your success depends solely on your reputation, it is good to be overly careful with the jobs you take up. Strive to provide a high quality, superior service at all times. Never let your quality diminish, maintain the standards you and your references promise.

The success of your service also depends on how well you keep abreast with the competition. Before you start your own venture, it is a good idea to do some research on similar catering services in your area to get a rough idea on what your competition is. And also ask yourself, can I match it? Can I provide a better service than what they offer? Can I be more innovative and flexible? If you believe you can, then you are already a winner in the field. Start with a positive attitude, and you will achieve everything you strive for. But also try not to overestimate yourself. Know your potential and deliver what you can. If you exhort yourself too far, the chances are you will not be able to deal with even the simplest tasks and the end result would be disappointment and failure. So it is advisable to sit down and weigh your options before you proceed.

A few qualities that will be very helpful for you to reach the highest level in the catering industry:

  • Talent: If you are a wonderful culinary artist, with the knack for presentation and satisfying the palate, the rest is just a breeze!
  • Planning: Superb organizing skills are a must with high-end jobs. Pre-planning, attention to detail, multi-tasking ability, administrative capabilities are traits that will bring you lots of success in the field
  • Flexibility: Being able to deal with last minute changes and adjusting your tastes according to the customer requirements is a must too
  • PR Skills: Excellent people skills with strong intuition powers will highlight you and your business from other similar ventures

As with any business, your success will be directly related to customer satisfaction. So always strive to provide best worth for their money!!! The happier you make your clients, the more successful you will be!!!

Take the initiatives today, start your own catering business and reap the many rewards it promises!!! Become a career mom today!

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