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Home Based Cake Decorating Business

Do you have nimble hands that are great with nozzles, icing bags and cakes? Can you create wonderful bakery delights that will simply amaze the eyes of the beholder, leaving a lasting impression on their minds? Do you have the creative ability to match your talent, giving room for immense potential to improvise? If you are a natural baker and cake decorator, a domestic buff great with children, then read on to discover an ideal career choice for you.

Do you love to go out on a limb with decorating your child’s b’day cake? Reminisce in the wonderful bakery delights you have produced in the past and how you have been complimented on your abilities. How often have you been persuaded by family members, neighbours, friends and other third parties to do a similar, unique little cake for their son/daughter’s b’day? How many times have you taken up the task with delight and found immense pleasure in creating such delightful masterpieces that always manages to steal the limelight of the party? All those wonderful cakes you’ve created with your nozzles, icing bag and little secrets of your own which adds that extra softness to the cake, not forgetting the special touches unique to you that manage to make the final effect exclusive from others!

Ever thought of having a career in cake decorating? No? Well, give it thought today… Why, because the benefits are endless and it is already a rewarding and complimenting business opportunity out there. Makes it all the more easier, as you don’t have to grope around in the dark, making your own rules, figuring everything out on your own. You have plenty of examples to learn the groundwork from, all the knick and knacks of the business such as how to start, how to do better than others, how to mange your time, how to cope with the competition, and all other questions nagging your mind. How to do you get hold of all the valuable information? Simply type in ‘Cake Decorating Home Business’ on google and you will hit on a wealth of information that will answer all your doubts and worries. Or do a trip to the local library or the nearest bookstore and purchase a book or two on running your own business in cake decorating. There are several books available (For Example, the book ‘Starting a Cake Decorating Business from Home’ by Kathy Moore), written by experts in the field that will provide good background knowledge for your new venture.

People love to have personalized cakes for their special occasions, from b’day parties to anniversaries, weddings and get-togethers. In today’s cutthroat world, even a simple party is reason for competition, making people look for innovative, state-of-the-art décor for these special occasions. And a cake is always the center of attention at any party, adding more reason for extra perfection of the task. This is where you come in, with your special culinary and creative skills, to provide the most perfect, out of this world cake for their party!!!!

Now isn’t that a challenge? And a real interesting one at that. So what are you waiting for, express your creativity today, start a career in cake decorating. It’s an ideal home business for a mom with kids, who wants to work within the confines of her home. The profits are rewarding indeed, guaranteed to help you contribute to your household expenses in no time. You can get your children to help you out in your work too, especially since children simply love to mess around in the kitchen. Sometimes they can become more a nuisance than help, but the bottom line is you get to keep an eye on them. Give them their own set of ingredients and dough and they will make their own mess without disturbing you. And you can train them to clean up with you. Saves the extra money you would have to spend on day care should you take up a regular desk job. And the best part is you get to be around your children at all times, without having to rely on strangers to tend to them.

A few tips that will help you achieve success in no time:

  • Spread the word – Let your business be heard, promote it amongst friends and family. Let them be your main source of advertising. You don’t need to spend unwanted money on advertising campaigns, use your own skills to make promotional items. You can easily make leaflets and business cards by yourself, with the help of a computer and a printer, at home. Distribute them amongst friends, family and existing clients. They know your talent, so they will easily promote you themselves, helping you reach heights in the business.
  • Invest wisely – You will require a few overheads to start at a business scale, unlike when you were making cakes for your own children’s birthdays. But don’t go overboard with the purchasing, spend what you can, and try to mange with what you already have. Once you start making profits, re-invest it to purchase other essentials that will make your job easier for you. Purchase ingredients per job at the start, so you won’t have to pocket in too much personal money into your business. Again, once you start making profits, buy in bulk, which will easily help hike up your profit margins.
  • Be professional – Try not to mix your family life with your business, allocate time slots that will not get in the way of your personal commitments. Plan out your work, and make sure you deliver on time. Do not take too many orders at a time, especially if you have a lot of other commitments which might delay your deliveries.
  • Maintain records – Try to keep meticulous records of your business expenses. This is a good sign of professionalism, and the results of the extra effects are always rewarding, as seconded by many home business holders. It provides good insight for expansion too.
  • Don’t overdo – Take things easy, do what you can manage. If you overload yourself, you may not enjoy the job as you should, and after sometime you may easily lose interest in the job. So keep it slow and steady.

The cake decorating business has guaranteed work all year round, as people celebrate special moments all the time; from birthdays to anniversaries, christenings to baby showers, job promotions to brand promotions, the kind of jobs you are likely to land with are numerous and varied. Be it a personal party or a corporate event, everybody would love to add a ‘personal’ touch to these celebrations, making it unique from others.

The best reward in this wonderful home career would be the smile on the faces of your customers when they come to collect their deliveries. You will be solely responsible for adding that special spark to their memorable day. One happy local customer can breed many more and before you know it you will have a successful career in cake decorating ahead of you.

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