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Starting A Cooking School

Are you a professional in the culinary arts, capable of creating wonderful delicacies that simply hikes up anybody’s taste buds? Do you receive lots of compliments on your cooking and do friends and neighbours run to you for advice on adding extra flavor to their favourite dishes? Do you enjoy teaching these special tips to others? Would you like to take it to a more professional level, turn it into a money making venture for yourself? If you do, why don’t’ you start a ‘cooking school’, a fun and interesting venture teaching others learn the special skills in the culinary arts you have mastered over the years. A great chance to make use of your special skills, and extend it to others!

A lot of people love to cook delicious meals, but may not be able to learn the skills themselves. It’s amazing how often people fail to mange on their own in the kitchen. But with the help of a professional hand, they can acquire incredible culinary skills in no time. And you can be the reason behind their success, rejoicing in their improvement, by starting a cooking school. The rewards are amazing!!!!

You can start it at home, in your own kitchen or dinning room. Start with a few students, in a small scale, and once you get the hang of things, think of expansion. You can offer simple courses in making day to day meals, or specialized courses in preparing more complicated, gourmet dishes. Make your lessons simple and interesting and you will find more and more people eager to join your courses. As you start earning a name for yourself as a culinary coach, you can add in more courses in special areas in cooking; i.e. course in mastering desserts, Italian cooking courses, Bakery cooking, Nutritious cooking, etc.

A few tips on how to make your ‘cooking school’ special from others in the market:

  • Add special touches to your agenda during lessons. Example: You can offer special gifts for the best dish of the day, reward the first person to prepare the dish of the day, etc.
  • Be innovative; include an interesting and varied range of dishes to your course. Teach dishes not many people know of, yet delicious and well liked
  • Pay attention to nutrition of the meals you teach. Add tips on how to improve the nutrition of a meal. You can provide calorie charts of the dishes being prepared during and even add a special section in the lesson just for discussing nutritious aspects of the ingredients
  • Provide vital information that will make the final effect of the meal perfect. Don’t forget to teach useful tips such as how to improvise when you run out of certain ingredients, how to improve the taste of a dish, how to cut down on expenses for gourmet meals, etc. Students will love this kind of interesting snippets in the lessons.

Tips on marketing your cooking school:

  • Start with your neighbourhood, inform people living around you of your new venture. Better yet, let your first students be your friends and neighbours, but carry out lessons in a professional manner. Once they are happy with the outcome, they will promote you eagerly.
  • Hand out leaflets at the local shopping mall, outside restaurants, pubs, boutiques, schools (where moms come to pick up kids) etc.
  • Offer special rewards for introducing students, such as discounts in lessons or even free classes for higher number of introductions.
  • Place posters in public areas, on notice boards at the local library, social societies, church etc.
  • Advertise in the local newspapers or other society magazines
  • Place a banner outside your house, get an eye catching decal done for your car advertising your courses

Plan your lessons in advance, organize yourself for each lesson. Never leave preparations for the last minute, as this will highlight in your lessons. Pre-plan the next day’s tutorial leaving enough room for adjustments.

Things you need to consider when you prepare a lesson:

  • Do your shopping in advance for the dish/dishes you plan to prepare. Some ingredients may require extra time for shopping. Account for such dilemmas and pre-plan each lesson well in advance
  • Sort out the dishes, cutlery, equipment you will require for the lesson, organize them in your kitchen/dining room on the previous day or well in advance before the lesson begins
  • Prepare all paperwork for the lessons such as recipes, tips for adding value to the meals, etc and print the handouts you plan to give such as calorie charts, nutritional value tables etc. well in advance, leaving room for emergencies
  • Note down special announcements you need to make to the students, such as things they require to bring for the next lesson, from ingredients to utensils, special precautions they need to take with clothing they wear etc.
  • Try to provide cover up lessons for students with genuine reasons for not being able to attend regular lessons
  • Inform students in advance when you are unable to conduct a lesson on schedule, but try to avoid re-scheduling as much as possible
  • Provide lessons at convenient hours and keep the durations at a healthy, neutral level, avoiding long, tiring lessons (making students lose interest halfway) as well as short, brief lessons (which leaves on room for discussions)

There are lots of cooking schools out there today. It is an emerging trend that interests all food lovers, young and old. Your clientele will be varied, from newly weds to experienced moms, career men and women to single parents, teenagers to elderly people. There is a lot of interest for the culinary arts in society today, as people revert to healthy, home cooked meals from other easy, fast food options that are not so healthy. The interest in home cooking has increased prominently since of late due to a lot of emphasis given by the media.

Share your knowledge and passion for food with others while showcasing your culinary skills in a fun and entertaining manner. Indulge in the rewards of a wonderful career that will take you places in society. Start a cooking school today!

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