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Cooperative Cookbook Business

By Peter Engelbrecht

This article is written for the benefit of anyone who wants to start a home-based business and is looking for a business idea that does not necessarily require a small fortune.

America is a country that loves to eat. Sure, most of us love eating out at restaurants, but there was once a time when most everybody ate at home. Today there are still a few people who love to cook and eat a home. This is why in many American homes you can still find a few cookbooks in the kitchen spanning from country cuisine to exotic Asian cooking. The problem is that people are busy and are constantly looking for something new and interesting to cook and eat. There is normally just one prerequisite, it must be fast.

Armed with this knowledge, this is your opportunity to start a home-based cookbook business. Your first step should be to acquire recipes. If you are not a chef yourself and do not own any recipes, you will have to ask friends and neighbors to begin contributing. So will they contribute or will there be something in it for them?

This is a great time to start what I call a cooperative cookbook. This is how it works; you attempt to assemble 100 original recipes for a particular genre, culture or taste. For each recipe that someone sends in, they get 1/100th of the proceeds net of expenses and your fifteen percent profit for being the idea generator and initiator of the cookbook business.

You can do this multiple times over the course of the year, changing your cookbook type and format. Some cookbooks may be the cooking in 30-minutes variety; some may be the entertaining and the extravagant dinner. I think the easiest and quickest seller may be the cookbook in a bag. This cookbook can fit neatly in a purse. I know it is really just a marketing gimmick, but that is probably what you will need to get some buzz around your new cookbook release. Cookbooks can be extended to sauces, snack foods and maybe even outdoor cooking.

To market your book, you will need to send copies to radio stations, restaurants, and local bookstores that will allow you to answer questions on a Saturday morning. A very nice trick is to have a taste test of some of the items in the cookbook along with selling the book.
Before you do start your business, be sure to research all that you will need to be successful. This article was written to generate an idea, whether you use this idea or not I wish you the best of luck.

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