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Work At Home Mother's Life

By Kristie Tamsevicius

Tiny footsteps pitter-patter over to my bedside. "Ma Ma, 'blanka' . . ." It's 5:15 am, time to get up. I take my daughter's hand and head downstairs to find her favorite blanket and begin the workday. I pour myself a strong cup of coffee and dial in to check email. Thirty-seven new ones. Delete, delete, delete. I dredge through the spam wasteland searching for the important client messages.

Brushing my bed-head hair out of my eyes, I write out a to do list; calls to make, projects that are due, etc. A sense of exhilaration runs through me. Today I finish my new ebook.

Memories of corporate life flash before me; the dreaded commute, the boss, and working 9 to 5. I sometimes miss the adult conversations around the water cooler. Glancing down to my 5-year-old daughter lying curled up with her blanket, I smile to myself, "Thank God I can be home with my babies!"

The phone rings. My client asks if now is a good time to talk. "Sure, now is a good time," I stop my work in progress. As we discuss plans for his web site, my 2-year-old son's interrupts "Ju ba! JU BA! JUU BAA!" he yells at steadily increasing tones. "Can you hold minuteplease?" I put my client on hold. We won't have much of a conversation, unless my son gets his morning chocolate milk NOW!

I charge over to the kitchen, pour a cup of chocolate milk, and hand it to my son, who is still jumping up and down. Dashing back to my desk, I arrive to find my daughter is "entertaining" my client on the phone. Horrified, I take the phone away and politely scold her. Luckily my client is amused and explains that my daughter was telling him how Mommy prepares her little brother's morning Ju Ba. I think back to my client's question, "Is now a good time?" Realizing that the answer is "No!", we reschedule our meeting for another time. Whew! Now I can get back to my ebook.

Thankfully, my coffee has "kicked in". As I begin the final revisions, I revel in my sense of accomplishment. Here I am at age 30, owner of my own business, and now a soon to be author. Life doesn't get much better than this!

I glance at the clock; "Yikes!" one more hour until my daughter's preschool graduation. Got to finish work! My attention turns to the ensuing sibling dispute in the kitchen. It seems that the kids have decided to pour their OWN drinks! My daughter's bare feet wiggle in a one-inch puddle of pink lemonade on my kitchen floor. "Sigh." After a good lecture about asking Mommy to pour drinks from now on, I grab a towel and clean up.

Mess gone, I sit down once again to resume work. I check off my list: callthe affiliate program people, create ad copy, and send final copy back to the editor for last proofing.

Excitedly, I begin the moment I have been waiting for. I attach the "final version" of my ebook and send off to my business coach. Nervously I await his verdict. This is my very first review. Will he like it?

DING. New email announces its arrival in my bin. It's a note from my coach. "You've really out done yourself this time!" YIPPEE!

It's noon. The workday is over. Daddy has come home to celebrate this special day; our daughter's preschool graduation. My daughter is wearing her pretty princess dress and looks like an angel to me. Her strawberry blonde hair is brushed just so and she smiles in anticipation of her "big moment".

These are the very days when I am most happy about owning my own business. Being my own boss has given me the freedom and flexibility to be a Mom when life demands it. I set the rules and get paid doing what I love. While being a work at home mom can be a real challenge at times, the rewards are sweet. God Bless the Internet for providing new opportunities for mothers to be at home and raise their families.

Kristie Tamsevicius

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