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Kids' Mail Business

By Tamaira Sandifer


Fun mail for kids has become a fun and successful adventure for me.

It began as a simple tool to encourage my four year old to read and write. Now we touch children all over the world.

Here's how my adventure began . . . I came home from work one day to find my 4-year-old daughter entrenched in a letter writing campaign to a

popular children's show. She wrote many letters and drew a picture of her favorite character. She placed the letters and the picture in an envelope and sealed it carefully. Then she wrote what was supposed to be their address and drew a stamp in the corner. Finally, she rushed the letter to our mailbox and returned with a triumphant grin that began at one ear and ended at the other.

For about 6 weeks following, my daughter met me at the mailbox and asked me everyday, 'Mommy, did anything come for me ?' And everyday I dreaded answering, 'I'm sorry honey, not today.' I realized that there are not many services out there that offer to send personalized mail to children. Especially fun mail that is designed just for them.

After researching and giving up in frustration a few weeks later, I wrote her a letter myself, pretending to be her new colorful and exciting 'Pen Pal'. My daughter carried this letter with her for 3 straight days. Needless to say, she and her 'Pen Pal' have been writing each other every since. She tells her Pen Pal about her new accomplishments, hobbies, and experiences, and in return she receives personalized letters, and cards filled with fun stuff, to say 'congratulations' and 'job well done' !

As my children grow and change, so does my business. It encourages me to keep developing new characters and products to support them. For example, when my daughter started loosing her teeth, we created the Tooth Fairy Kid Pal. When she started becoming what I call 'girly', we developed Flora Friendly. My little one loves to tell jokes, we developed Silly Lily for her. Fun Mail For Kids has turned out to be such a wonderful adventure. Everyday, we are reaching children from California to New York, Australia to Japan.

As you can see, the idea for Fun Mail For Kids to encourage self-expression and to get our children excited about reading and writing. Take a moment to browse our website. You can send your special little one fun and personalized mail from the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Spring/Easter Bunny, our Kid Pal Pen Palz, and much more. We also offer membership packages for fun every month. Every greeting is personalized and filled with prizes, stickers, family crafts, & more. Whether your special person is young or young at heart, each greeting is guaranteed to bring a smile the their face. Our greetings are a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or anyday! I thank you, in advance, for your valued support.

Tamaira Sandifer

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