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Freelance Ghost Writing Business

By Greta Bishop

I am a professional ghostwriter, having worked successfully in this field for a period of 21 years. Writing projects based on other people's ideas have included: romance novels, westerns, How-To books, screenplays, inspirational novels, self-help/self-motivational books, and many, many biographies.

Having a desire to work at home for all the same reasons already stated by other bizy moms, I began my writing career by proofing and editing the work of other writers. This was usually done while I was typing their final manuscripts. Editing eventually led to both minor and major rewriting, and finally, to my first ghostwriting assignment.

Since ghostwriting services are always performed with a high degree of confid-entiality, it is essential that a ghostwriter be willing to work behind the scenes. Although clients are frequently generous in their acknowledgments, many would rather not have it known that they have employed a ghostwriter.

My advice to anyone considering a writing career is that you adhere to a regular writing schedule (a specific number of pages per day) and that you first secure the support and cooperation of all family members who understand when Mom is "at work" so that they will allow you to work undisturbed. Even if the in-home office is little more than a basement laundry room, it should remain off-limits, except in the case of an emergency.

Moral of the Story: Creative work is endlessly challenging and rewarding. I would heartily encourage anyone to engage in some form of it - either as an occupation, or as a hobby.

Greta Bishop

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