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By Betsy Carlson

I am specifically writing because I am an entrepreneur and a mom and my partner Betsy Johnston and I have a neat story to tell. We work out of our home mixing family and work. We have designed a new website of children’s educational software reviews for parents and educators. We have approximately 1/3 of our database up on the website with more to come soon.

The idea for the website originated when we both purchased new computers and new educational software for our children. In regards to educational software we found ill-informed sales clerks, the selection confusing, and what was written on the back of the box was more hype than substance. The more parents and teachers we spoke to the more we realized there was and is a large portion of the population struggling to sort out, and understand all the potential that this technology brings. For the past year we have painstakingly researched, categorized and evaluated reviews from other objective sources.

Not all reviewers agree with each other and not all reviewing organizations are the same. We combine information from web sites, review sections of popular magazines, and other publications. All information is then entered in capsule form onto our website for ease of comparison and use. Readers of our website can sort the information by subject, age, title, or publisher. They may also e mail us for more personal service. This is a free service. We hope soon to sell advertising. Our primary goal is to recommend titles that satisfy and arouse a child’s interest.

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