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Grants for Women Entrepreneurs

Grants for women entrepreneurs are available for those who are in need of funding for business development but most women are not aware where they can get them from. Joining a women's professional organization nay be helpful in getting funds for your business.

Tips on finding grants for women entrepreneurs needing business development funds

Grants for women entrepreneurs are available for those who are in need of funding for business development, but most women are not aware where they can get them from.

Women in terms of population at 51% is the majority, is considered the minority and seem under represented in higher education and also in the business sector where they have proved that they can be equally good or even better than their male counterparts. Women have ventured into many areas of business and are also employed in the state and private sector. Some of the businesses that may be easier to obtain grants are student business training, community based business opportunities, real-estate ventures and investments especially if it is beneficial for senior citizens, researchers and inventors. 

Grants for women entrepreneurs might be located by:

1. Joining a local or national professional women’s organization. Many of these organizations fund women entrepreneurs and some others help them find funding agencies. Alternatively they may help with the processes of obtaining funding through the federal government and in general will network to help them to find the best possible grants to help establish themselves.

2. Your current employer may be another source for funding and it will not harm you to check with him. The terms may include that grant of funding is based only if the service and supplies will help you do a better job and enhance productivity for the benefit of the company and yourself.

3. The Small Business Administration Agency of your community may be another source for grants as that is their focus of business.

4. Grants are not always cash based and might come in the form of free consultation for your business which you would otherwise have to pay. Find out how to locate such agencies or individuals if you need them.

5. Join the Women’s Chamber of Commerce which is yet another focal point of contact for funding. They may be the link for you to find the funding agencies or other sources.

6. Join social organizations such as Zonta, Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary who will be able to either partner with your project or alternatively, direct you to relevant funding agencies.

7. Corporate America has taken on a great role for social responsibility and has different projects by way of competitions, contests or project assistance and therefore do not be hesitant to send your request and proposal to local and international corporations for women entrepreneurs.

8. Pool your efforts with other female colleagues as the chances might be better if it is a combined effort, especially since some of the agencies prefer granting awards to projects where more than one woman is going to benefit.

9. Talk to others who have already received funding for their ventures and speak to their funders.

There are many options available for grants for women entrepreneurs as empowering women has been given much attention. Remember the more you try, the more chances you have of receiving funding for your business.

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