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Free Minority Grants

Grants for minority is offered for education, businesses, different fields of work and research by the Federal Government, minority organizations and individuals, for the respective minority. Minorities are at an advantage with regard to Grants.

A beginners guide to finding free minority grants

Free minority grants are available for all minorities through different sources. The good news is most people seem to fit into some minority or the other and would require funding either for education or for any other purpose to help achieve whatever educational or career aspirations each person seeks.

Apart from free minority grants that are available in general, there are other special grants which are awarded to address the challenges faced by under represented minorities. Ethnic minority students who are looking for grants for educational grants will find that the Federal government is a good place to look for as grants are available for eligible students of most of the minorities specially the African-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Jewish Americans and to a lesser degree the Asian Americans. The main source of any free minority grant is through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid commonly known as the FAFSA.  Catering to minorities, this application is also available in Spanish.

Apart from that many minority foundations offer grants to members of their ethnicity including (but not limited) some of the well known organizations such as the United Negro College Fund, the Hispanic College Fund, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the American Indian College Fund,

Other sources of free minority grants are available through Corporate America who are committed to corporate diversity and spend millions of dollars to help students who are of ethnic and non-ethnic minorities to achieve higher education aspirations.

Free minority grants in much lesser numbers are also available for businesses and will not be for any or every business. These funding may be available from your state of residence. Therefore it is imperative to see the types of businesses that will be supported for funding as there will be certain criteria laid down by the funding organization. The amount that will be granted will be minimal and will be suited only to start a small business that falls into the required criteria. There are local minority and minority women organizations who sponsor small grants for individuals in special circumstances. A good example would be a recently divorced mom with young children who are unable to go to work but is able to work from home and does not have the funds needed say to buy a computer etc may find funding to help in these circumstances.

Therefore, when looking for free minority grants, look for specific grants in your state, the Federal government and the organizations, associations, corporations of the relevant minority as awarding the grants will all depend on the circumstances, the need, the amount in question and a combination of data. There will be many minority grants available provided it is within the categories such grants are meant for.

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