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Federal Grants for Women

Learn how federal grants for women can help women with their medical expenses. This could help a lot of women who are unaware of this subject.

Apply for federal grants for women to cover medical expenses

If you are struggling to pay medical bills you need not worry as there are federal grants for women to cover medical expenses.

Throughout the nation in the United States, people struggle to meet. Buying an insurance cover for oneself and one’s family is not even imaginable for some. Medicine, medical expenses all words that have become nightmares to so many citizens. Well the good thing is that you do not have to feel so desperate if you are in such a situation. There are Federal grants for women to cover many needs and medical expenses are one of them.

Health and Human Services Department which is a federal organization provide grants directed for public health, income support and health and social services. There is a substantial amount provided for successful individual grant applications. This program provides assistance to children, youth, families and the elderly. Some of the main areas covered in this program include.

Temporary assistance to needy families covering various medical costs

Financial support to cover other associated costs by providing meals-on-wheels to elderly people.

Funding to cover Medicare and Medicaid costs for elderly, indigenous populations and low income families.

A vast number of companies in Corporate America donate money to provide medical assistance to the needy. These grants may be channeled through the Federal government programs and also through hospitals directly. There are many other organizations that functions individually or partner with the Federal government or the hospitals to support the medical assistance programs for the needy.

A good example would be Breast cancer. Treatment for such a decease we know is expensive to say the least but the Federal government through different programs and non-profit organizations help provide financial assistance for medication. If you take cancer as an example, American Cancer Society provide financial assistance while the Hope Lodge program provides free temporary housing for cancer patients. The Road to Recovery provide free transportation for cancer patients within their community. Hospitals that receive construction funds from federal government are obliged to provide some services to cancer patients who are not able to pay for their care. CancerCare help provide the patients to cover the cost of cancer treatment as well as additional child care or home care expenses incurred during therapy. If medical assistance is required to be given in another location, the National Patient Travel Center runs a charitable air travel programs. Catholic Charities USA serves people of all faiths by providing emergency health care, housing and other services to those who are in need. Assistance may also include rent or mortgage assistance, medical supplies, help with utility bills and transportation to medical appoints. NeedyMeds runs a patient assistance program to provide prescribed drugs at a reduced cost or is given free.

Similarly there are free federal grants for women for every kind of sickness including HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s, leukemia, and you just need to explore the possibilities which are available out there.

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