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How to prepare yourself for Endodontic surgery Wheaton
The American Dental Association recognizes Edndodontics as one of the nice specialities of dentistry in the country. It is used to save the original tooth by way of cleaning out the diseased or injured tooth pulp and is commonly referred to as “root canal” treatment or surgery. The word Endodontics comes from the Greek words “endo," which means inside and “odons” which means tooth. Endodontics or “root canal” treatment is a relatively new type of treatment for teeth with diseased or injured roots. The root refers to the tooth pulp (which contains the nerves, venules, arterioles, lymphatic and fibrous tissue) which can become diseased or injured. Subsequent to the disease or injury, without treatment the pulp tissue dies. If the dead tissue is not removed the tooth will also decay and require removal.
All treatment and each individual patient needs will differ. However, basically the procedure will be performed under local anaesthesia. Therefore a visit to your general physician prior to Endodontic surgery would help in making the right choices to suit your health needs. Your dentist should then be informed of all medications and health concerns your general physician listed out for you. If you have a requirement to use antibiotic premedication due to heart murmur, mitral valve prolapsed, hip, knee, cardiac or other prosthesis or if you have rheumatic heart disease the appropriate medication should be taken at the appropriate times before and after root canal surgery.
For some patients who are apprehensive regarding dental care, conscious sedation may be offered. If there is extreme discomfort and or pain which continues on to severe gag reflex the sedation may be offered as well. Nitrous oxide by itself or with a pre-sedative offers complete comfort and helps patients. This should be cleared with you general physician as well as your dentist prior to your surgery again depending on the health conditions, age, weight and severity of the tooth ache.
You also need to prepare as per the time of the day the surgery will be carried out. Requirement of meals should be planned. The transportation post-surgery should also be planned out as not everyone recovers soon after an endodontic surgery. Also in the case of your being prone to pain and inflammation, you may be asked to take ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen sodium (Aleve) pre-operatively.
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