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Advertising is one of the areas that all the businesses have to concentrate in, to gain competitive advantage in the market place. Lack of concentration on advertising and poor advertising practices would put the companies in sever financial losses and they may even find it difficult to survive in the competitive environment as well. Therefore, this clearly identifies the requirement for a qualified individual to manage advertising activities of any given organization. These individuals can be identified as advertising managers. Further the ability to work with companies from home on contract basis has given this a massive popularity among many women who have skills but unable to leave home. Therefore, if you have an ambition to become an advertising manager, the following discussion would clearly give you valuable information that you may find important for you career plan.

As an advertising manager, you will have to develop and manage an advertising strategy for any given organization. This would include identifying the most suitable method of advertising, material used, techniques used, the message to the market, etc. In this process you will have to deal with individuals such as sales representatives, media services, advertising agencies, local authorities, etc. Further you should clearly have knowledge about the capacity of the given organizations. Since advertising costs a lot of money, too much expenditure on this area can seriously lead the organizations into financial difficulties. This will require you identify the factors such as, the market that the organization is catering for, current market share, budget allowance for advertising, etc. Further, you should also have a very good technical knowledge on the products that the company is selling in the market. Lack of concentration on these factors would cause the advertising activities to give misleading information to the market that would distort the consumer behavior and reduce the demand for products. A situation like that can severely reduce your image as well.

Since the duties and the activities that you have to carry out as an advertising manager is very complex, the abilities and the technical skills that you have to possess play a vital role in generating initial image in the market. These can include qualifications such as, a degree on marketing, finance, business management, etc and further 2-4 years practical experience in the field of marketing would also give you a massive competitive edge ahead of the other advertising managers on the market.

However, if you are an individual with lack of market experience, then you can focus on small players in the first instance. Due to less complex work, the initial phase in getting used to the industry would be much easier that working with a large organization. This will give you the required knowledge on the practical activities in advertising and the required exposure to become a professional advertising manager in the long run. However apart from the practical experience and the technical qualifications, there is one more area that you have to think of. That would be the area of personal capabilities/characteristics, which can be described as follows.

For any individual to become very successful, uniqueness can be identified as the most important element that matters most. This uniqueness can only be gained by the personal characteristics. These can be identified as, good interpersonal skills, pleasant character, good writing and oral ability, creativity, idea generation, etc. Even though these sounds like less significant factors, the actual success would mainly depend on these abilities.

With the complex business environment in the modern world, the battle to gain competitive advantage has increased in a significant manner. Therefore, advertising is identified as one of the major factors that gives the ability to organizations to develop competitive advantage over the other rivals in the market. Due to this reason, advertising managers have a very significant demand in the market. This is the reason that they are among one of the highest paid professionals in the business environment.

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