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About The Top Asian Wildlife Sanctuaries

Learn about Asian wildlife and how they can be a part of your family vacation. Going on vacation can provide some much needed rest and relaxation for the entire family. Learn how to get the best out of your holiday.

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The Top Asian Wildlife Sanctuaries

A sia is home to an amazing variety of wildlife. Many of these species are facing the danger of extinction, and to preserve their existence, most Asian countries have created wildlife sanctuaries where these rare animals can thrive. At the same time, these wildlife sanctuaries offer a great opportunity for the lovers of wildlife to see them in their natural habitats, and capture them in their cameras for memories.


Some of the wonderful animals protected in the wildlife sanctuaries of Asia are Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, Crocodile, Turtle, Rhinoceros, Dolphin, Snow Leopard, Orangutan, Fruit Bat and Ibex.


Here is a brief review of some of the best and the large wildlife sanctuaries in Asia:



There is an amazing variety of wildlife in this sanctuary, which includes Tigers, Leopards, Hyenas, Deer, Sambar, Cheetal, Neelgai, Langurs, Sloth Bears, Wild Boars, Indian Flying Fox, Mongoose, Turtles, Pythons and Vipers. The best time to visit is during October to March when the climate is cool, so most animals come out of the dense forests to enjoy the weather.



Renowned for its natural beauty, this vast sanctuary covers an area of over 720 sq. kms. Tigers, Boars, Bears, Antelopes, Deer, Squirrels, Chipmunks and a wonderful variety of birds can be seen in this sanctuary. The best months of visit are March and April.



If you love Marine tours, swimming in the wild, camping, wind-surfing, and jungle safaris, then this sanctuary has a lot to offer you. Tigers, Leopards, Boars, Deer, Monkeys, Pythons, Green Turtles, Black Giant Squirrels etc. are found in this park. The best time to visit here is from February to July.



For the adventurous lovers of Rock climbing and Hiking, this is a beautiful wildlife park located in the midst of mountains. Wild Boars, Japanese Hare, Common Goral, Leechi, Golden Eagle and Goshawk are the commonly found animals in this wildlife park.



A small but world-famous wildlife sanctuary offering camping, jogging, trekking, swimming, hiking and picnic spots for the traveler. Amazing animals like Tree Shrew, Flying Lemur, Leopard Cat, Sea Otter, and wide variety of Turtles. are found in this sanctuary. The best time to visit is between March and August.



It is one of the largest and oldest wildlife sanctuaries in Asia, spread over an area of nearly 1,000 sq. kms. It is home to wonderful animals like Elephants, Leopards, Crocodiles, Water Buffalo, Wild Boars, Langurs, Sea Eagles, Stork and India Pea-fowls. The best period to visit this park is from February to July.



For those who love Jungle walks, trekking, swimming, snorkeling, camping and fishing, amidst some of the most amazing flora and fauna, this is a great sanctuary to visit. Dolphins, Langurs, Leopard Cats, Great Hornbills, Snakes, Squirrels, Monkeys, Butterflies, Wild Dogs, Jungle Fowls, Rhesus and Monkeys. are commonly found in this national park which is spread over an area of over 200 sq. kms.

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