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About Travel in South East Asia

Travel in South East Asia to see a different world with unique cultures. Going on vacation can provide some much needed rest and relaxation for the entire family. Learn how to get the best out of your holiday.

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Travel in South East Asia

Asia is the cradle of civilization on planet earth. The earliest human settlements took place by the banks of ancient river Indus, which came to be known as the Indus Valley civilization (which is the modern-day Indian sub-continent.) This settlement happened nearly five thousand years ago, when the rest of the world was still going through a primitive, nomadic existence.


Traces of the original beauty of this civilization, and its cultural roots can still be found in most parts of Asia. As the saying goes, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” So even though Asia has transformed and progressed with the passage of time, but nevertheless, the ancientness of Asia still pervades through its air, its soil, its forests, its rivers, its deserts, and through the very rich and colorful social fabric of its people.


Discovering Asia is like going back in time, and trying to discover your own roots and origins. The earliest beginnings of human knowledge took place in Asia. The ancient Chinese and Indian scriptures that have been preserved for centuries give an indication of the amazing wealth of knowledge that had been amassed by them when the western civilization was barely in its inception stages.


The ancient sages and thinkers of the east were able to reach the highest realms of spirituality and thought, and that sense of spirituality can still be found in abundance in the heartlands of Asia. Buddhism became the Asian religion of peace, and Hinduism the earliest philosophy of the east, much before the western thinkers and philosophers came on to the scene of history.


There is a unique charm and innocence that can be felt on the faces of the Asian people. They are warm, contented and peace-loving by nature, just like they were in the ancient times. Hospitality of Asians is legendary, and they will make you feel like a member of a royal family if you happen to visit their homes.


Asia offers you the best of both the worlds in the sense that it is an eclectic blend of the modern and the ancient, and both coexist in beautiful harmony. China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and  the Middle East  have modernized on a grand scale, and boast of some of the most modern architectural and scientific marvels in the world. And yet, alongside, there are the rural farmlands, the tribal areas, the interiors where the village life has retained its originality despite the relentless passage of time.


Traveling to Asia is an unforgettable human experience as it brings along with it incredible memories, emotions, adventures, and excitement that is enough to last a lifetime. The geographical and biological diversity and the richness of cultures, the scenic beauty and the nature’s splendors, it all has the makings of a breathtaking journey through the history of humanity and its wonderful march towards civilization.


Asia is completely beyond your imagination. It cannot be understood in words or in pictures. It has to be seen, touched, smelled, lived and breathed in real, to be able to absorb and feel the truly mysterious, mythical and mystical side of the world that Asia is.

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