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About Exploration of Africa

An exploration of Africa can be a great idea for a family vacation. Going on vacation can provide some much needed rest and relaxation for the entire family. Learn how to get the best out of your holiday.

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Exploration of Africa

Africa is a vast area with desert, savannah and rainforest terrain. Most explorers feel that there is still undiscovered civilization and species that may have existed in Africa. These explorers are still looking for proof of History of Ancient Civilizations that existed in Africa.

One of the recent discoveries is the burial site of the ancient tribes of Kiffia and Teneria tribes in the Ténéré Desert in Nigeria. It is thought that many years ago the climate in the Sahara was greener with rivers full of sea life and vegetation. Skeletons of fish and crocodiles were found in this desert land along with traces of pollen in the ancient burial sites.


There are explorers who have been bewitched by the thirst to get to know unknown and have taken on a treacherous journey through Senegal’s unexplored land to find the lost tribes of Africa. There are no maps on these unexplored lands. The inhabitants of the remote villages in Senegal remain hostile and isolated. The unexplored areas have been taken over by rebel groups thus making it a difficult task to explore these areas.


There are many parts in The Republic of Congo that is unexplored. Most of it is thick unexplored rainforest, jungle and swamp land. There are various sightings of a mysterious looking creature called the Mokele- Mbembe, a dinosaur like creature. These citing were mainly made by the pygmy tribe residing in the area in the deep swamp land. Numerous expeditions have been conducted by palaeontologist and crypto zoological experts to spot the creature. Since sightings are vague and contradictory there is no evidence that the creature does exist. However, since there is unexplored swap land, this mystery remains unsolved.


The Mwagna National Park in Gabon is a large rainforest area that is yet to be developed into a park and areas still remain unexplored due to the problem of gaining access to these areas. The Mwanga National park and its bordering areas are the last frontiers to be explored in Africa. Many of the wildlife species have been identified and are unique to this rainforest but there is still those species that remain unknown and unidentified. This surprise and mystery of the rainforest lures those nature enthusiast and adventures seekers to take on the unexplored rainforests.

The Langoué Bai was discovered by Mike Fay during his Megatra
nsect walk across Central Africa. And since then this are has been under conservation due to its large population of Elephants, and gorillas. Due to the high risk of hunters and habitat loss this previously unexplored land is now in the process of being preserved.

Famous explorers of Africa include Mungo Park, Rene Callie, Johann Rebmann, David Livingstone and Richard Burton without whom the discoveries made in Africa would not be a reality, today. These explorers sacrificed their lives and families to discover new facts and place. They spent many years living and travelling around Africa.

Today too there are many explorers trying to uncover the secrets and mysteries of many places in Africa, and find out more about history and the untouched lands by modern society.

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