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Everyone needs a break from the regular routine, so a vacation and travel time with friends and loved ones is a good option to get away from it all. The articles in this section detail tips to consider when traveling, the top destinations around the US, Canada and overseas, as well as a guide to traveling with the family...

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About Tourists Who Visit North America

Taking a vacation in North America can be just as exciting as going overseas. Going on vacation can provide some much needed rest and relaxation for the entire family. Learn how to get the best out of your holiday.

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Tourists Who Visit North America

Tourism is North America is one of the biggest industries that plays host to millions of visiting local and foreign tourists every year. Tourists come to explore the natural and manmade wonders of North America that are popular and well-known all over the world. The continent also offers a great cultural mix and history and heritage to the tourists.

The main countries of North America include the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. All three destinations are home to hundreds of marvelous locations that can be enjoyed at leisure by the tourists visiting North America.

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: The biggest attraction for the Tourists Who Visit North America is a trip to the world’s most talked-about, most visible and most popular nation, which is the United States. The U.S. is home to some of the world’s topmost and most famous tourist destinations in terms of natural as well as manmade wonders. Its world-famous cities include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Orlando and Las Vegas. The world’s finest amusement centers, theme parks, golf courses, hotels, theaters, museums, casinos and historical and heritage sites can be found in this great cultural melting pot of the world.

CANADA: It is the second-largest country in the world in terms of surface area. The tourists visiting Canada can look forward to some of the world’s most amazing natural landscapes and wilderness, the prairies and the rocky mountains, and some historical and heritage destinations too. The Niagara Falls is the most famous landmark of Canada. The biggest cities of Canada are Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal that offer many exciting opportunities of enjoyment for the visiting travelers.

MEXICO: For the tourists who are looking for a sunny and relaxed beach vacation, can venture into Mexico, which is the land of some fantastic beaches, historical cities and offering ancient ruins of Mayan and Aztec civilizations. The Mexican city of Cancun is the most popular tourist site, both for its beaches and its historical landmarks.



Check your entry visa requirements before visiting the United States.

Enquire in advance regarding what items you are allowed to carry and what is not allowed to carry inside the country, and during the flight.

The country is divided into four time zones. So you should check and adjust the timings accordingly while traveling through the length or breadth of the country.

Handshake is the common mode of greeting each other.

In Canada, certain areas use French as the basic language of communication.

Exclusive clubs and restaurants usually require a formal dress code.

Smoking is banned in most public areas.


Tourists must keep in mind certain information about the social and cultural traditions of North America. The primary spoken languages across North America are English, French and Spanish. Both Canada and the United States share a lot of similarities in culture and tradition, as the cultural roots of both arise from a British colonial past.

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