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About What to Look For In the Caribbean

Read what you can expect to see and experience in the Caribbean. It's a great holiday destination. Going on vacation can provide some much needed rest and relaxation for the entire family. Learn how to get the best out of your holiday.

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What to Look For In the Caribbean

Caribbean offers the traveler incredible scenic beauty, crystal-clear waters, breathtakingly pristine beaches, an amazing cultural mix of music and dance, and much more. Even for those who love nightlife, discos, and drinking bars, the Caribbean has great opportunities to offer for everyone.

Whatever be your itinerary, you are going to find wonderful things to do and enjoy wherever you go in the Caribbean.

Let’s begin with the top five activities to look for that are the biggest attraction for tourists visiting the Caribbean every year:


It is one of the most popular water sports in the Caribbean. Most of the islands offer this activity, but some of the world’s best diving goes on in the islands of Grenada, which is also home to the largest shipwreck and an under-water volcano.


At many tourist spots, you just need to get out of your hotel, and look for pre-organized dives with professionals to guide you and ensure your safety, while you experience some of the best snorkeling of your lifetime in real sea waters.


The Caribbean offers the world’s best and most popular trips including cruising, sailing, wind-surfing, yachting, bamboo-rafting, deep-sea fishing, and kay-kaying. Imagine a honeymoon trip cruising through some of the world’s most exotic islands in a yacht. These activities attract millions of tourists every year to the Caribbean islands.


After a stressful working life of a whole year, imagine yourself vacationing in the Caribbean. And relaxing on a sun-kissed beach is the best way to do it. There is an irresistible choice of beaches available on most islands of the Caribbean. For example, Puerto Rico’s Condado Beach is quite surely the most popular beach in the Caribbean.


Some of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean such as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Bermuda offer some of the world’s best golfing facilities for the lovers of the game. Many of the world’s renowned celebrities visit these islands to enjoy a golfing holiday.

There are many other great things to look for during your visit to the Caribbean. You can try to plan a holiday to St. Marten in the first week of March, when the place sizzles up with parties, live entertainment and sail-boat racing etc.

You can also try to hire a Moorings yacht and sail through the islands, while staying at each island for as long as you want, with your friends.

Go to the famed St. Kitts island, and explore the ancient fort on the Brimstone Hill, with a view this is as good as it gets.

Look for some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean at Tobago Cays, a group of 4 uninhabited islands, which can be reached by a yacht or a sail-boat.

SUMMARY: There are innumerable opportunities to explore on your journey to the Caribbean islands. There is something unique and special to suit each one’s taste and budget. You just cannot go wrong in your choices, as each one has its own exquisite charm.

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