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About Culture of Caribbean

ead about the culture of the Caribbean and how people live. This can be done while on vacation. Going on vacation can provide some much needed rest and relaxation for the entire family. Learn how to get the best out of your holiday.

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Culture of Caribbean

The Caribbean region is famous for its ancient culture and hospitality. Since the lifestyle in the Caribbean is slow and laid-back, it gives the natives an opportunity to deal with human beings as human beings, and not as mechanical capitalists chasing materialistic dreams.

As a result, the ancient culture of hospitality has been preserved till today. The people of the Caribbean are exceptionally warm-hearted and generous towards their guests. The entire family treats the guest like a very important person, and the first priority is to make the guest happy and comfortable.

Even if you ask your way on the street, the Caribbean native will stop and give you detailed directions patiently, till you are satisfied. Similarly, the guides in the Caribbean are a unique class in their politeness and their all-out effort to please their guests.

Each island of the Caribbean carries a unique identity of its own, which has been historically shaped by the European colonialism, the African past of slavery, and the ancient heritage of the native Indian tribals.

For example, Barbados is an exotic island which till today retains so many English traditions of its former colonial rulers, that it is popularly known as “Little England.” And so is Antigua.

Aruba, another famous island in the Caribbean has still preserved many Dutch customs and habits, as it was a colony of the Dutch in the past.

In direct contrast, Puerto Rico is an island that is highly contemporary and modern in its influences from the west, largely, American, Spanish and French.

Music and Dance have been central to the culture of the Caribbean from times immemorial. The Caribbean music and dance has also become popular in other parts of the world. Especially the Caribbean carnivals are a great attraction for tourists from around the world.

Music and Dance have become a global hallmark of the Caribbean, and throughout the islands the common form of dancing is with high-energy music and high-energy movements. The popular dance movements are swaying hips and shuffle stepping. There is an intricate cultural blending that can be heard in almost every kind of music that is found in the Caribbean. In Trinidad islands, the Indian sounds mix with the Calypso music. In Puerto Rico and Cuban islands, the Latin beats blend with the Salsa rhythms. The vocal styles of contemporary rap, originating from Jamaica, have caught on in popularity throughout the Caribbean and also around the world.

The Creole languages are the common languages of the Caribbean islands. These languages are over two hundreds old, and they came into practice during the beginning days of the era of slavery in the Caribbean.

Ancient African customs and traditions have an impression on every aspect of life in the Caribbean till today. The forms of religious worshipping, arts and architecture, styles of dancing, singing and music, and even its philosophical thought is influenced by the African culture and thinking.

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