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Vacation and Travel Tips for the Entire Family

Everyone needs a break from the regular routine, so a vacation and travel time with friends and loved ones is a good option to get away from it all. The articles in this section detail tips to consider when traveling, the top destinations around the US, Canada and overseas, as well as a guide to traveling with the family...

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About An Ideal Africa Tour Guide

Read about tour guides in Africa and how you can hire them to guide you on your trip. Going on vacation can provide some much needed rest and relaxation for the entire family. Learn how to get the best out of your holiday.

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What do you need to take Great Places to Visit in Africa

Are you are planning a holiday or a business trip to any part of Africa? It’s best to check with your travel agent first about what you need to take with you. Each African country has a unique dress code, climate and culture. Sometimes finding things you need when you get to your destination is sometime not possible.

Here are a few tips on what you need to take with you when you go to Africa:-

 Take plenty of informative books on Africa. You need some reading material as well as to get to know the destination you will be traveling to.

 Buy a detailed map of your destination, from your local bookstore before you travel and mark the roads and places of interest.

Obtain your visas early as most visas to African countries can take upto a month to issue a visa.

 If your going on a safari, take you bare essentials as you be traveling a lot and don’t need unnecessary luggage.

Take plenty of sun screens. Especially if you intend to visit the desert lands and the wildlife parks.

You need to have a backpack to carry your valuables like tickets, money and mobile phones.

Make sure you have luggage that is strong and built for rough terrain, since the roads in Africa are dirt roads with gravel and stones. Try to avoid taking canvass bags.

Make sure to take out comprehensive travel insurance for your self and your family when you travel to Africa for personal accident, medical attendance, baggage, valuables and emergency evacuation to hospitals.

Traveler’s cheques should be taken instead of hard currency. But check with your travel agent if the area you are traveling has banks.

 If you take cash, make sure you carry it with you everywhere. Avoid using wallets and purses. Make sure you take the correct currency depending on the destination. Most African countries accept US dollar and Euros. You may need to use cash to pay for entrance tickets to wildlife parks and reserves.

Have extra photographs of yourself with you, you may need this for visas purposes to travel other countries.

You should take clothes that are comfortable as the climate is very hot most of the time in Africa. You will need warm clothing if you intend to climb mountains or go trekking. Therefore it is advisable to take long sleeve shirts, t –shirts, shorts and cotton trousers, plenty of socks, two pairs of hiking boots, and hats.

Take your personal toiletries. IF you are taking a baby or toddler make sure to take ample baby diapers, wipes and baby food.

 Take a first aid kit with insect repellent, pain killer, plaster, band aid, iodine tablets, anti allergy tablets, anti diarrhea medicine, antiseptic cream, malaria and filarial tablets.

Don’t forget to take your camera, camcorder, binoculars, sun glasses, plenty of sun block, retractable mosquito net, a pocket knife, box of matches, a small torch and a mobile phone adapter.

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