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About African Culture and Festivals

Learn about African culture and festivals held to celebrate it. You can do so on your next family vacation. Going on vacation can provide some much needed rest and relaxation for the entire family. Learn how to get the best out of your holiday.

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African Culture and Festivals


African has one of the oldest and colourful cultures in the world.

Traditional African culture is based on many ethnic groups that inhabited Africa, thus the North has been influence by the Islamic culture and the rest of Africa is an amalgamation of various cultures influenced by ethnic and linguistics, such as Afro-Asiatic, Niger-Congo and various indigenous minorities in the South of Africa.

African culture is so vast that each country has various tribes and ethnic groups that practice various rituals, customs, traditions, festivals, ceremonies, languages and dialects. They even dress differently. Their main pastime is hunting and farming which is their main source of food. There were many battles fought among the tribes and amongst each other for tribal acceptance and to be crowned a warrior.

The women folk were involved in art and crafts such as stone carvings, wood carvings, leatherwork, mask making, bead making and jewellery making as its is commonly known today.

Religion was diverse and many worship strange gods and statues. Witch craft and voodoo were practised among many of the tribes.

Music was always a part of the traditional cultural celebrations and festivities. The cuisine was basic and mainly consisted of meat and gown vegetable and fruits. Different countries have different preparations and use various types of spices. Some of the A List of African Tribes that existed many years ago and is still in existence today are the Masai, Samburu, San Bushman, Himba people and the Omo river tribes. 

African culture today

Today the tribes are being allocated special areas to live, there are many cultures and ‘coloured’ people now live in most parts of Africa.

Some parts of Africa is still untouched by western influences while some have adopted the western ways.

Many tribes have joined the Christian faith and are seen in local churches and houses of worship.

Various festivals and ceremonies are still being practised by the tribal people. There are festivities all year round in Africa. Some of the festivals and ceremonies practise widely are the Dakar rally, Gay parades, film festivals, music festivals, spring festivals, whale festival, voodoo festival, salt festival and the date festival.

Ramadan is observed in African countries where there is a large Muslim population and Christmas is observed by the christen communities around Africa.

Witch craft and voodoo is still practised among the ancient tribes.

This colourful attire is a trademark of African culture.

The cuisine has since varied and due to many cultural and ethnic influences, Africa now serves delicacies and dishes from various other continents spiced with Africa’s very own spices. Indian cuisine, Pakistani cuisine, French cuisine, British cuisine and American cuisine are some of the favourites. But no meal is complete without the world’s best South Africa Travel Guide wines.

There are those who still speak the many languages in Africa but English is commonly used.

Among the many changes that Africa has seen, is mostly the ancient culture that is still preserved and observed inspite of many western influences.

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