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Children's Dentistry : care for Natal and Neonatal Teeth Urbana
Children's dentistry involves a number of different aspects of health care that parents should be aware of. “Natal teeth” is the term used to describe teeth that are present in the baby as soon as he/she is born. This is very different from neonatal teeth which grow in the infant during the first month after birth.
These natal teeth are quite rare as they occur in one child per 2000 live births. The presence of these natal teeth is associated with certain types of medical syndromes. These natal teeth first grow in the gum on the lower jaw where the incisor in the center is the first to appear. This tooth will have a small root structure which is attached to the rest of the gum in the lower jaw by soft tissue. This part of the tooth is often wobbly.
Most natal teeth happen to be wobbly and are usually not that well formed; they might still be irritating to both the mother and the infant. This is because their placement may be uncomfortable to the mother when nursing. This might even injure the infant’s tongue if it’s sharp enough.
There are many different causes of natal teeth. They include Ellis-van Creveld syndrome and Soto syndrome. The presence of the natal tooth might be one of the most important aspects of children's dentistry as this helps the doctor specialized in children's dentistry detect any sort of abnormality early on.
If your child has a natal tooth, make sure that you keep the tooth clean by wiping the gums, teeth and the tongue with a clean slightly damp cloth. Examine the gums and teeth of the infant to make sure that there is no sort of injury to the infant. If the child develops either a sore tongue or some sort of swelling in any other part of the child’s mouth including the gums, call a doctor specialized in children's dentistry.
There might be a number of different ways in which natal and neonatal teeth can be dealt with. To make sure that the teeth are natal teeth, the dentist might consider taking a dental x-ray. Once the condition has been diagnosed for sure, the doctor might just give you some sort of way in which the injury can be prevented or treated. You don’t need to have any other documentation for this as the only thing that the doctor needs to know is to make sure that the teeth were already present at birth. 
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